BlockGrain Interview Questions and Coding Round for Python Developer

BlockGrain Interview Questions and Coding Round for Python Developer

I got a call from BlockGrain HR. As per discussion with the HR, they find my profile relevant to their job requirement on LinkedIn.

She asked me some basic questions and my understanding of the block-chain technology.

I was not knowing about this company, so she explained to me about BlockGrain and their working domain. Later we discussed the rounds and their recruitment procedure.

About Company:

It is Australian MNC working primarily on the block-chain technology for managing the agriculture supply chain. This company is also known as AgriChain Pvt Ltd.

Job Description:

They were looking for a Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack developer).

As they are looking for Full stack developer, they expect your command on front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and back-end technology like Python.

Coding round:

First of all, there was coding round and they have given me two coding questions to solve. And I have to solve in 24 hours.

Coding Guidelines:

  • You have to solve one solution in Python and another question in JavaScript programming.
  • You can choose any problem in either of the two languages.
  • Solving both the coding questions is mandatory.

Problem 1: Python Coding

Given the mapping a = 1, b = 2, ... z = 26, and an encoded message, count the number of ways it can be decoded.
For example, the message '111' would give 3, since it could be decoded as 'aaa', 'ka', and 'ak'.

TAGS: Algorithm, Logic
LEVEL: Intermediate

Problem 2: JavaScript Coding

Given a JSON structure like:
(this is the partial real AWS instance-info response)
_json = [{
id: '2',
tags: [{
'Key': 'Name',
'Value': 'Tag2'
'Key': 'Role',
'Value': 'Publisher'
'Key': 'Foo',
'Value': 'Bar'
id: '1',
tags: [{
'Key': 'Name',
'Value': 'Tag1'
'Key': 'Role',
'Value': 'Subscriber'
'Key': 'Tao',
'Value': 'Ching'

With any number of elements in either array in the above JSON, 
each element tags list will always have at-least two elements-
one with Key 'Name' and the other with Key 'Role'.

You need to get the credentials sorted by Id (ASC order).
Credentials == id + Name + Role

Given the input JSON above, output should look like this:
1, Tag1, Subscriber
2, Tag2, Publisher

Needless to say that the solution needs to be optimal.

TAGS: Algorithm
LEVEL: Intermediate

Please check all the test cases before submitting your programming solutions.


If you are busy with other priority works and you can not complete in 24 hours, please info the HR before taking this round. And also ask them for a particular time period when you are available.

Check their email for coding questions immediately and ask them if the problem requirement is not clear.

This is an important round. Based on your programming solutions, they will ask you for the second round- technical interview.

BlockGrain Interview Questions: Google Hangout

Get active on Google Hangout at least before half an hour. Do all audio and video testing before the start.

Interview Question for Python Developer:

  • What Python version do you use?
  • What is the difference between Python 2 and Python 3 version?
    You should know at least three-four major difference between those two Python versions.
  • What is the type of None object in Python?
  • What is the difference between Unicode and string?

To answer these questions you should have a clear understanding of Python basic programming.

Interview Questions based on my project:

Then they ask me about my earlier project working on Python. I have experience working on bottle web framework and REST APIs.

So here are some of the questions asked, as I remember.

Advantages and Perk of Joining BlockGrain:

  • Block-chain is trending technology. Looking at the future scope, working on this technology will be a big add-on.
  • You will get good exposure to work with the key people of the organization.

All the best, Guys!

Editors note: These AgriChain aka BlockGrain Interview Questions are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best. If you want to share and help other job aspirants by sharing our experience, feel free to reach out to us.

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