American Express Interview Questions | Coding Round | Placement Paper

American Express Interview Questions | Coding Round | Placement Paper

Hi, I am Apollo Doley. American Express (Amex) visited our college campus for a software profile. I am sharing my personal experience while attending American express interview questions as well as a written test.

Placement process includes one online written test, two technical interviews and one HR round.

American Express Coding Questions | Online Written Test

There are  90 minutes for a written test. It includes 2 coding questions and technical cum aptitude MCQ test. Difficulty level for written test is moderate.

To improve your speed for solving MCQ test, follow the standard way of solving aptitude questions.

Try to solve at least one coding question with passing all the test cases. Check the list of coding interview questions. Practice solving them.

American Express Interview Questions | Technical Round

For me, there was 3 technical rounds and one HR round. Interviewers were so supportive and friendly. They provide enough time to think about every question and to give an answer.

I don’t remember all the questions that I have faced in an interview. Refer the following questions that I am able to remember now.

They started my interview by asking a simple question ” Tell me about yourself.”.

After that, they started asking technical questions. Almost all the American Express interview questions move around data structure and algorithm.

  • Consider there is a big file with a size of  100GB. You have a system with a memory of 2Gb. Now your task is to sort all the elements in the file?
  • Learn different types of basic sorting algorithms.
  • How to implement string matching using a trie data structure?
  • How to implement a queue using Linked List Data Structure?
  • Write a program to reverse the linked list.
    Solution: C/C++ | Java

Note: Interviewer asks the question related to the answer you give for the previous question. So be confident while answering questions.

Similar types of questions are also asked for internship.

HR Questions asked in Amex

It was simple. I was asked for a couple of basic HR interview questions.

To know my interest, HR interviewer asked me “Why do you want to join American Express?”.

To answer this question in the HR round you must have to aware of the American Express company profile. Your knowledge about company profile shows your interest in the company. So do visit company website American Express and find service this company provides.

Read Amex interview experience shared by another candidate.

All the Best!

Editors’ Note: Thank you, Apollo Doley, for sharing American Express interview questions and your experience about American Express placement. We wish you all the best for your bright career.

If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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