American Express Coding Questions and Interview Experience

American Express Coding Questions and Interview Experience

I am sharing my placement experience and American Express interview questions.

It is a campus placement. American Express (Amex) visited our campus. It is a Full-Time employment offer from American Express under the profile of the design engineer. Offered job location is Bangalore.


All the students having 60% and above throughout the semesters were allowed to sit.

Here are American Express coding questions and my interview experience.

There was one round of written test and three rounds of American Express interview.

American Express Coding Questions  | Written Test

First Round: It had 32 questions which include 15 from aptitude, 15 from technical and 2 coding questions.

  • In aptitude, they mainly focused on time and speed, time and work, permutation and combination and probability.
  • In technical, they asked basic questions from Data structures and algorithms and DBMS.
  • And in coding, they gave job sequencing and Knapsack problem, which was easy only.

For coding round, practice solving competitive coding questions.

They use Codility hiring challenge platform for their online test. Get familiar with the Codility platform before you face it in the online test.

American Express Technical Interview Questions

In a second interview round, it was projected discussion of both and

  • Next question was to implement the hash map.
  • Then sorting algorithms in which he gave me cases and asked which sorting algorithm will be best in which case. Check out all the basic sorting algorithms.
  • What is hashing? Why we use hashing? What are the different types of hashing?
  • Next question was we are having 1000 elements. We have to store only the top 100 elements. We have space only for thirty-elements. Then how we will store it? And what will be the time complexity?
  • How to implement Stack using Array?
  • How to implement the queue using a stack?

This is all for the second round of interview.

In a third interview round, they asked me codes on arrays, linked list, and binary trees.

  • In an array, they gave me one pattern and asked me to write its code.
  • Then in a linked list, they asked me for finding the loop in a linked list.
  • How to find the merging point of two linked lists having a different length?
  • In a binary tree, they asked me to write code to find the height of the tree.
  • What are the different binary tree traversal algorithms?
  • Another one is to check whether the small binary tree exists in another big tree or not.
  • And a few questions on my M.Tech. project.

In a fourth interview round, they asked me questions from DBMS. In which they asked me questions on normalization, ACID property, serialization, and indexing.

  • What is normalization and what are the different types of normalization?
  • What are the ACID properties in DBMS?
  • Some questions on serialization. Whether two transactions are serializable or not?
  • What is database indexing?

As my first two American Express interview rounds were very good. They didn’t take my HR round. They hired me after the third round. In between technical question they asked me some HR questions on my extracurricular activities. For others, they took the HR round separate.

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Any Remark or Advice for New Job Aspirants:

For American Express interview, focus on data structure and algorithms and prepare your project well. ALL THE BEST 🙂

CSEStack helped me a lot in my preparation.

Editors’ Note: This is American Express coding questions and interviews experience is share by the Anonymous candidate. We wish her all the best.

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