Wipro GIS Interview Experience and Placement Paper

Wipro GIS Interview Experience and Placement Paper

Hi Guy, I am sharing my Wipro GIS interview experience which I have attended this week.

You may have attended many technical rounds in various interviews. Wipro GIS interview is not much technical. You can easily crack it if you have a good command of English grammar, English speaking fluency.

Wipro GIS Interview Questions

Here is my interview experience. Interview rounds are simple.

First round: Group Discussion

They will give some topic and you have to speak for at least 5 -10 minutes.

Prepare some general trending topics such as demonetization, the influence of social media… Read about it so that you will get some points to talk.

There is also a GD (Group Discuss) round. This round depends on a number of candidates. If you don’t speak much, they will ask you to go through GD.

In GD, competition will be high as many of the candidates will be asked to attend this round. So instead of facing GD round, speak on the topic that they assign to you.

Second round: Vocabulary and Communication

This is an offline paper round.

They will give a Paper in that English paragraph will be there. You have to explain the paragraph with meaning. Basically, their intention is to check your vocabulary and communication skills.

Third round: HR Interview Questions

They will go through your resume. Based on the resume they will ask you some questions.

I have also seen some of the candidates were asked about the paragraph which was done in the second round.

So, overall they will check your communication skill and your confidence.

If you are in the HR round, you have the most chances of getting this Job. So, don’t lose this chance.

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Wipro GIS Job Profile Description and Salary:

This is purely a non-technical job. And the expected salary is 16K (INR) per month.

After joining there is no bond, so you can leave anytime. I would say, if you are frantically looking for a job, you can enroll for it. But, keep searching for a better job. Once you get a better opportunity with another job, leave this job.

Hope you find my interview helpful if you are preparing for Wipro GIS interview. If you have any question, you can ask me.

Editor’s Note: This Wipro GIS interview experience and placement paper are written by the candidate. Thanks for a candidate for sharing this valuable experience. We wish you a very bright future.

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