VMware Software Engineer Coding Test and Questions

VMware Software Engineer Coding Test and Questions

I’m an experienced candidate. I have 5+ years of experience. After the profile getting shortlisted and having an initial discussion with HR, he scheduled the coding test. This is the first round of the hiring process.

VMware Software Engineer Coding Test and Questions

It was hosted on Hackerrank. You will be asked to solve the three coding questions. And you have a time of 105 minutes to solve these coding challenges.

You will be asked to keep the webcam on throughout the interview and coding test.

As I remember, for me, these are the three coding challenges asked.

  1. Network Formation
  2. Authentication Token Expiration
  3. Matrix Traversal
    Find minimum energy to travers to last row.

The difficulty was from moderate to high. I am able to solve the second coding challenge. And I solved the others two partially.

You can use any programming language of your choice to solve this VMware Software Engineer Coding Test. I choose the Python programming language.

You may find other questions. It is all about practice. Practice solving competitive coding questions asked in product-based companies.

On Hackerrank, the heading for the coding test was “VMware Full-Stack Engineer Hiring Test”. And I was shortlisted as a backend developer. So don’t get confused if you find this mismatch. The coding test pattern will be the same.

To crack this round, at least you have to solve two coding challenges with all test cases passed.

Editors’ Note: This VMware Software Engineer Coding Test and questions are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best.

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