Virtusa Interview Questions | Written Test Round and Process

Virtusa Interview Questions | Written Test Round and Process

Are you preparing for Virtusa written test and interview? I am sharing Virtusa interview questions and my experience about their written test.

It is always good to know about the Virtusa selection pattern, rounds and recruitment process if you are applying or attending their drive.

Virtusa was looking for 250 positions. It was a pool campus drive and around 1,000 students were attended.

Round 1: Virtusa Written Test

1st round will be written test. There are total 24 questions you have to answer.

SQL Database Questions:

There are 4 questions based on SQL. You need to have a good knowledge of schema and a good understanding of tables then only you can write the queries.

Explore different SQL select queries. You have to write queries and execute them in 30 minutes.

Programming Questions (Java/C/Python):

4 questions from programming. You will be having the next 60 minutes for programming. You have to pass all the test cases in 1 hour (60 minutes of time).

According to me, in that, programming test cases are so tough. That is like real-life example cases and you should program accordingly.

To crack this round, practice coding questions asked earlier in the placement drive.

You can choose any programming language to solve this coding round. Choose one which one you feel more comfortable with.

Here are some coding questions I remember.

MCQ Questions:

There will be 20 conceptual MCQ questions based on SE, HTML, Data Structure, C, Java, etc. You have 20 minutes to solve them.

You will get some basic computer science questions.

After cracking the Virtusa written test, you will be asked for the next round.

Round 2: Virtusa Interview Questions

The interview was held in one of a prestigious college in Bangalore, India.

I did not crack the first round so I can not share my experience and Virtusa Interview Questions completely.

As I heard, you will be asked for questions related to your written test. Understand the code you have written in the coding round. The interviewer will ask you to explain the logic behind your program.

If your interview goes well, they will ask you some basic HR interview questions.

This is all about my experience with Virtusa written test and interview questions shared by the candidate. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in a comment section.

Editor’s Note: These Virtusa interview questions and experience is shared by an anonymous candidate. We wish him all the best for his future.

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