Terralogic Interview Questions | Coding, Apti, Placement Paper and Process

Terralogic Interview Questions | Coding, Apti, Placement Paper and Process

I got placed in Terralogic Bangalore. I would like to share Terralogic interview questions and my experience about the placement.

Terralogic Interview Process

There were five rounds including a written test and multiple face-to-face interviews.

1st Round: Written Test

It was offline written test.

There were 60 questions to solve in this round. The questions are included from the topics such as Aptitude, C, LINUX and UNIX.

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2nd Round: Coding Test

It was a complete coding round. They give you four programs and you need to attend 2 programs out of those.

Some of the programmings are…

  • Write a program to find all the permutations of a string.
    Solution: Printing all the Permutations of String in Python
  • Write a program to sort all the characters in a String.
  • Write a program to remove all the duplicate characters from a String.
  • Search for two numbers in a given array, if found the output will be BINGO.
  •  Write a Bubble sort program.
    Solution: Bubble Sort in C with Explanation (Algorithm, Program, and Complexity)
  • There are also some questions related to series like AP, GP.
  • How to implementation of NAND GATE?

To crack this round, practice solving coding interview questions.

3rd Round: Terralogic Interview Questions

It was a technical face to face round.

Few questions asked from Core Java and JDBC.

They asked to write the algorithm of the program written in the previous programming round.

Some logical programming questions and 2-3 questions from the data structure.

4th Round: Communication and Behavior

It was CEO round.

Basically, it was interaction round with the CEO.

He asked some questions which we need to answer. Here they will check your communication and behavior. So be polite.

5th Round: Managerial Interview

It was managerial.

They asked me to introduce my self. They also asked me some Project related questions etc. So, be prepared well for the project you have mentioned in your resume.

You can also follow some of the common questions were asked in HR managerial round.

Also, go through the company Terralogic profile.


Editor’s Note: These Terralogic interview questions and experience are shared by the candidate. We, CSEstack team, wish you all the best!

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