Tech Mahindra Placement (Online Test | Essay Writing | Interview Questions)

Tech Mahindra Placement (Online Test | Essay Writing | Interview Questions)

Hi Guys! Yesterday I got selected for Tech Mahindra. So I’m sharing  Tech Mahindra interview questions, complete placement procedure, and my experience.

It was an off-campus drive. So I am I Happy now. Thank you, everyone, who help me to reach my destination.

Here is my experience. Hope this will help you with your job preparation.

Tech Mahindra Placement Rounds:

  1. Online Test Paper
  2. Essay Writing
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

1. Online Test Paper

It consists of total of 6 sections. All the sections should be attempted. Don’t leave anyone.


For every section, there will be cut off marks.  And there will be also overall cut off.

Online Test pattern

Total of 75 questions were asked in the Tech Mahindra online test. We have 50 minutes of time to solve all those questions.

These questions include aptitude questions. You need practice for solving aptitude questions.

Is there negative marking?

There is no negative marking in the test. So you solve all the questions even if you are not confident.

After submitting the exam, the result will display immediately on the screen whether you are qualified or not.

2. Essay Writing

I got selected for the second round after completing 1st round successfully. You have to continue the 2nd round at the same time by click on the ok button if you qualify.

Rules of Essay Writing Test:

The essay should have 1200 characters. You have a time of 15 minutes to write an essay.

You should beware of some important rules in this section. Avoid making any spelling mistakes. Don’t use any SMS typos like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’. Otherwise, this gives a bad impression.

After completing writing essay, wait for the results.

3. Tech Mahindra Interview Questions (Technical)

The technical interview is always an important round. If you performed well I will get the job easily.

They look at your skills as well as your communication.

I am from EEE Branch. First, she asks me about my self, my education details.

Then she asked me about my B.Tech. projects. I explain everything neatly on the paper. The explained architecture of 8051 as it was part of my project.

I have mentioned in my resume as I know C and Java programming.

Pro Tip: You will be asked for the questions related to the topic you have mentioned in the resume. Follow the standard resume format and only mention what you know about.

What is the Programming Question asked in the Tech Mahindra Interview?

She asked me whether you are good at programming or not. I said I am good at Java programming.

She asked to write a program on Fibonacci series using recursion.

And by luck, I know that program neatly and present that on the paper.

She impressed with my performance and moved me to further round.

Pro Tips: It does not matter which programming you choose. If you want to crack this round, you should be prepared for common programming questions asked in an interview.

4. HR Interview Questions

Out of all, this is my favorite because she is flexible and very soft spoken.

First, she asked me all the personal things about me, family, college and my interests. And then she enquired about my professional background. She obeys sometimes and may not sometimes for my answers.

Pro Tips: Be prepared for all the common questions asked in HR round. Hardly you will find any out of box question.

At finally she jokes me you can leave today. As I got nervous, she said don’t afraid I am selecting you but you have to give better performance than this in office.

This is all about Tech Mahindra interview questions and my experience for the online test and different rounds.

Thanks, everyone who supported me.

Editors’ Note: This experience and pattern about Tech Mahindra placement drive are shared by Mukund Patel. We wish him all the best for his glorious future. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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