Teachmint Interview Coding Questions for SDE

Teachmint Interview Coding Questions for SDE

My profile was got shortlisted for the role of SDE 3 Backend developer in Teachmint.

The first is the coding interview. It was conducted by the outsource hiring team. It is one hour interview scheduled on Zoom. They will record your interview.

After having an initial introduction, the interviewer asked me to explain my current project and some related questions. After that, he moved to the coding round.

Teachmint Interview Coding Questions

There were two coding questions of intermediate level. You have to write the code on Leetcode by sharing your screen.

Here are two questions I was asked in the Teachmint coding interview round.

Explain your approach before you start writing a code for it. You can ask any doubt or discuss corner cases with the interviewer.

You can solve them in any programming language of your choice.

This is all about my experience about the first Teachmint coding interview round. I will share further round details once I go through them.

Editors’ Note: These Teachmint interview coding questions and interview experience are shared by candidate Mandeep. We wish him all the best.

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