TCS Campus Interview Questions | Written Test Paper Pattern

TCS Campus Interview Questions | Written Test Paper Pattern

Hi, I am Heena. I am perceiving my B.E. final year. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has visited our campus for placement. I am sharing my placement experience and TCS campus interview questions.

It is an on-campus placement offer. The job profile is Assistant System Engineer in TCS.


They have criteria to shortlist the candidates for the placement process.

Eligibility criteria for appearing in TCS placement drive is 60% and above in 10th, 12th, Engineering, Diploma courses, etc.

Do read CV Format for Freshers. These simple 7 resume tips will help you to grab the TCS interviewer attention.

1. TCS Written Test

It consists of two parts – Aptitude test and Verbal.

  • Aptitude Test
  • Verbal Test

Aptitude test

Aptitude test contains questions from general aptitude topics like probability, permutations and combinations, work and time, Ratios and Proportions, etc.

They basically check your logical ability. However, the aptitude test for TCS is comparatively tough than other companies. A lot of practice from good books and mock papers is needed. Devote proper time to this.

Verbal Ability

It consists of email writing. The phrases mentioned in the question are to be compulsorily used in random order but in the same tense. The tense cannot be changed since it is checked by software. Limit the email to 70-80 words preferably.

It is difficult to crack written test if you don’t follow the standard practice for solving aptitude questions.

2. TCS Campus Interview Questions

This round was combined with technical and HR.

These rounds can be together in a single panel or individually three separate interviews can take place. Any two can be merged as well. Here is some important topic you should prepare for TCS campus interview questions.

Basic technical knowledge of C/C++, JAVA, and SQL is expected. Anything else is the icing on the cake. For MR and HR, co-curricular activities and previous experiences are a great help.

In any case, be very confident as well as adaptable.

TCS Written Test Experience

The students in the green channel (75% and above throughout and 76% and above in BE) in our campus were exempted from the aptitude test.

The aptitude test consisted of 30 questions. 80 minutes were allotted to solve all the questions. Be careful while solving the questions as there is negative marking. There were some starred questions. These questions were carrying more marks.

E-mail writing is very simple. All you need to do is to follow all the rules and you’ll clear it.

Important Tips for HR Interview

  • I was asked to introduce myself in all the rounds.
    Include all that you can in the introduction but highlight what the other person wants to hear.
    For e.g.: highlight your technical skills in a technical round and your experiences of teamwork and examples of your adaptability in HR round.
  • Be thoroughly prepared with at least two of your areas of interest in the technical round.
  • Make sure you’re thorough with your project work, training, and internships.
  • Be honest in your HR round. Do not brag or bluff. Tell the person what makes you suitable for the job.
  • Be prepared for all the common HR interview questions.

These are the TCS campus interview questions. Do your best. Rest of it will depend on the panel you go to.

All the best!

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