Spoton Interview Questions for Backend Software Developer

Spoton Interview Questions for Backend Software Developer

It was an opportunity for a Backend Developer with Spoton for the Bangalore India location. I was got contacted by a recruitment agency for this opening. After having an initial discussion over a call, she scheduled an interview with Spoton.

SpotOn is setting up the development team here in India for their project related to the payment gateway. This hiring is for the same project.

Here are some of the questions I remember from the technical interview.

After having the basic introduction, we started the interview. There were two interviewers. This interview was conducted on the Zoom meeting.

  • Tell me about your experience.
  • What are the different databases you have used?
  • How to decide whether to use SQL or NoSQL database?
    Answer: If you know the difference between SQL and NoSQL, it is easy to explain and answer this question.
  • Explain one project.
  • What are the different Python framework you have experience with?
    Answer: I told about three Python web framework that I worked on like Django, Flask, Bottle. You can mention whatever you know.
  • Design REST API architecture for show booking system.
    Answer: Refer REST API interview questions
  • Then he asked me a couple of questions related to OAuth and OAuth 2.0.
  • Create BST from the sorted list of elements. (with and without recursion)
  • The challenging task you worked on.

Be confident while answering the questions.

Best wishes!

Editors’ Note: This Spoton Interview Questions and experience are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best!

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