10 Recruitment Ways for Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job

10 Recruitment Ways for Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job

10 Recruitment Ways for Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job

While the recruitment process sounds extremely easy for many, a few only know how hectic it is.

It’s actually a step-by-step procedure of finding and hiring the best talents for a firm. Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job is not easy.

While this responsibility lies totally within the Human Resource function, companies do hire a third-party recruitment firm sometimes, to choose the best ones.

Also, when this procedure has to be compulsorily followed by everyone, “Does recruitment process choose the best candidate” stays to be the center of discussion.

This article is all about the same.

Here, I’ll try to clarify this very doubt and guarantee you that by the end you’ll get to know if it’s really important or is a waste.

So without wasting further time, let’s get started.

10 Recruitment Procedure for Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job

First of all, to hire the best candidate for your organization, you have to garner all the important skills of successful recruiters.

Later, follow these different methods and ways in which the Recruitment Procedure Hires the Best Candidate.

1. Looks for a career-oriented person

The recruitment procedure is extremely effective in finding the most career-oriented people for a firm. Those who love what they do carry an amazing portfolio of their past projects, activities, awards, and achievements.

These candidates are very active in their fields. The recruitment procedure is a guaranteed way to track and employ such candidates.

2. Does the Prior Screening

The HR department/recruiters perform the actual screening upon receiving applications from the candidates.

Resumes are carefully analyzed and only the right candidates are called for the next round. If you are looking for a job, always follow the standard CV format and keep your resume updated.

This saves the time of the recruiters as passive candidates are eliminated right at the starting. So, the efforts are only invested to analyze the right candidates.

3. Aptitude Knockouts

Aptitude Test Preparation Tips

An aptitude screening comprises of certain written tests regarding general awareness and logical reasoning. These tests are ideal for analyzing your responses under varying circumstances.

It is believed that the ones with the sharper minds, positive nature and an out of the box approach are able to pass these tests.

Here are the best aptitude tips you should follow to secure your chance of getting selected.

The failing ones are then shifted to the category of passive candidates.

4. Group Discussions are held to evaluate the Leadership skills and Teamwork

Group Discussions (GDs) today, is an important part of almost every recruitment procedure. It is held to check if the shortlisted candidates possess the necessary leadership skills or not.

Teamwork gives results faster. The way you listen to others supports/oppose them in their facts show how you behave as a person.

Group tasks are also organized to check if you are able to work in a team or not. Thus, GDs also help in sending the right candidates to the next rounds.

5. Telephonic Interviews for Evaluating Confidence

There are times when prior to the actual interview, the telephonic interviewing is done.

This is held in an attempt to evaluate the candidate’s confidence while alone. So the candidates who do not hesitate to talk to random people and possess subjective knowledge about the field are selected through this round.

It ensures taking those candidates mainly who can help them in their sales and marketing. So this step is also an important one.

Now, we have some extra confident, highly logical, career-oriented candidates with good communication skills to send towards the final phase of the selection procedure.

6. Video Interviews to test the body language

Sometimes, instead of having telephonic interviews, recruiters choose the video interviewing round. This round tests the body language of the candidate before others.

Your attitude, professionalism and the way you present yourself, matters in this round.

It has been observed that the candidates who are extremely humble, punctual, with smiling faces and friendly behavior are chosen in these rounds.

Candidates with a negative attitude and dull approach towards concepts and realities are eliminated in such rounds.

7. Medical Inspection

Medical Inspection is given the least priority except in some extreme cases. The selected candidates are medically inspected by a team of doctors.

Candidates with dangerous disorders are given a red badge in this round. As they can be dangerous to the other employees, they are thus not sent to the final round.

Medical flaws are neglected unless very serious issues are addressed. Candidates with Psychotic traits are held back and normal ones move to the next rounds.

8. Document Verification

The selected candidates are supposed to verify their mark-sheets, certificates and other relevant documents in this round.

Fraud document owners are strictly handled.

Only the ones having original DMCs and certificates are treated to be genuine. These candidates are then directed to the next rounds of the recruitment procedure.

9. Face-to-Face Interviews

This stage is the hardest because it is more like a quality evaluation test.

The interviewing panel consists of 1-5 members out of which a few are technical experts and other observes your psychological behavior under cases of pressure.

Technical experts ask questions related to your field. You should check all the interview questions asked earlier for a particular company.

If the candidate is preparing for a software job, prepare for most common coding interview questions.

Psychological experts analyze if you are getting nervous or not, along with your body language, attitude, eye-contact, clarity in speech, behavior and overall nature.

So those who excel in both, the technical knowledge, as well as positive psychological traits, are finalized in this round.

The candidates who clear this round are finally hired by the company.

10. Hiring the Best candidates

The company finally hires the candidates who manage to clear all the rounds mentioned above.

These candidates are given their offer letters having details about their salary, incentives and related perks. Officials also share the work schedule in this phase.

Sometimes, the candidate has to face HR round. There are some common HR questions you can expect to be asked in this round.

The company also gathers related documents like Photo ID card, passport sized photographs and relevant Photostats.

This ends the entire recruitment procedure.

So Is Recruitment Process Choosing and Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job?

The above key-points discussed how slowly and gradually only the very best candidates are sieved out at the end. These candidates are undoubtedly the gems.

Their compatibility with the industry is tested under all major circumstances.

This way, the company makes sure that it is working with the best employees at its backend so that new heights of success can be achieved.

Working with the right candidates at your support lets you invest your efforts in the right place.


Also, check different job search techniques.

So I hope this discussion helped you in finding out the significance of the recruitment process in this ultra-competitive and dynamic world.

However, while Selecting the Right Candidate for the Job, a lot more skilled and efficient candidates are sometimes ruled out prior to the final rounds. This breaks their hope and further motivation.

So while it is not a sure-shot way to screen out the best candidates all the time, it is by far the best technique to search and hunt for the best talents in the field.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Share your feedback with us via comments.

I’ll continue to bring such pieces to your gadget screens. Till then, give this post thumbs up and don’t forget to share.

Good Luck if you have any screening rounds pending and never lose hope. Stay tuned.

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  1. If you think recruitment is merely about selecting people, you’re doing it wrong. Unless you’re hiring burger flippers, it’s about attracting the right people and making them interested in working for you, rather than the dozen other employers that also need their hard-to-find skills. Most HR drones will never understand this basic concept.

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