Persistent Advanced Coding Questions | Technical Objective Test Rounds

Persistent Advanced Coding Questions | Technical Objective Test Rounds

Hi Guys, I am Rahul Gawale. I would like to share my experience and Persistent coding questions asked in Persistent Systems Ltd.

Persistent Written Test Pattern

In the Persistent placement paper, first, there was an aptitude test of 60 marks time limit was 60 min. There is no negative marking, so you can attempt all the questions.

All objective questions were based on SE, DBMS, C, C++, OS, Software testing.

Seven aptitude questions were also there. You should have special skills for solving aptitude test questions.

You have to write two programs and one passage. Each program has 20 minutes and the passage is for 10 minutes.

There were two technical rounds.

Persistent Interview Questions asked in Technical Round

Basically, you should be perfect in that, which you have mentioned in your resume. All questions will be based on that.

All C++, C, Java programming you must do the network programming, database, and file handling.

There may be questions like finding the name of persons from a table whose salary is the second highest?

Suppose table schema is emp(eid, ename, mngrid). Write a query to display the name of the manager with respect to every employee.

  • What is a composite primary key?
    Answer: Learn about different types of Database keys.
  • What is a weak entity?
  • There were also questions like- what is the difference between mutex_lock and semaphore?
  • What is the producer-consumer problem?
  • What is the difference between process and thread?
  • Find the 3rd last element from the linked list.
    Answer: In a linked list, you can not directly access the intermediate or last element. You have to traverse the linked list from the start. Finding the 3rd last element is easy.
    Take 2 pointers, pointing to the first and third elements in the linked list. Keep increasing the pointer by one. When the 2nd pointer reaches the last element in the linked list, your first pointer will be pointing to the 3rd last element in the linked list.
    Reference: Implementing Linked List in C Programming
  • Find the middle element of the linked list with minimum time complexity.
    Answer: Take two pointers says (a and b). Move the pointer ‘a’ by one and ‘b’ by two. Keep moving pointers till pointer ‘b’ reaches the end of the linked list. When the pointer ‘b’ reaches the end of the linked list, the pointer ‘a’ will point to the middle node of the linked list.
    As we are traversing one way, the time complexity of this algorithm is O(n), where n is the number of elements in the linked list.
    You should have good hands-on with time and space complexity.
  • How to reverse the linked list?
    Answer: Reverse Linked List in C/C++ | Reverse Linked List in Java

Advance Coding Questions asked in Persistent Interview

  • Write a C program to upload the file to another pc connected in the network?
  • Write a C program to download the file from the network?

Not necessary, you will be asked for the same questions. So always prepare yourself to solve the most common coding questions asked in the interview.

Linux Questions asked in Persistent Interview

There were only two questions on Linux to me.

Because I have mentioned Linux in my resume. If you don’t mention in your resume maybe there will be no questions on Linux.

  • You have to run any command on a specific time in a day, what will you do?
    Answer: Set a cron job. That will invoke the command after every specific interval.
  • The certain process is running there. You have to keep the process alive even you log out the system, how to do this?

There will be only basic questions. To answer these questions, you have to get familiar with the basic Linux commands.

HR Interview Questions asked in Persistent

There will be one HR round for an interview.

If you perform well in the first technical interviews, you will get selected for HR directly.

Once you get into the HR round, you have a 90% chance of being selected.

HR is nominal. First, they will ask you about some common HR interview questions. Later, you have to speak five minutes on a topic they asked for or about your hobby.

One tip: If the interviewer expects some questions from you, it means they are likely to select you, you should ask questions.

Thank you!

Editor’s Note: Thanks, Rahul for sharing your experience and Persistent coding questions asked in the Interview. Hope this will help many preparing for Persistent. All the best for your future.

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