Oracle OCI Interview Questions and Answers | 7 Rounds

Oracle OCI Interview Questions and Answers | 7 Rounds

I got a call from Oracle HR as my profile got shortlisted for one of the position in oracle OCI.

OCI is a division of Oracle that stands for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

I have 5+ years of experience as a software engineer. This position was for their Bangalore office.

There were a total of seven interview rounds which includes tech round, loop round, loop hiring manager round, and bartender (bar raiser) round.

Oracle OCI Interview Questions

All these interviews spanned over a week i.e. each interview every day for one hour. These interviews happened over the zoom call.

1. Technical Interview Questions

He asked me some simple Python questions. Looks like it was just a screening round.

  • Tell me about your recent project.
  • Some questions on the CICD pipeline.
  • What is the difference between the Python list and the set?
    Answer: The primary difference between list and set is that in the set we can store the duplicate elements. Each element in the set is unique. Whereas, we can store the duplicate elements in the Python list.
  • What is the difference between Python list and tuple?
  • Are using Python 2 or Python 3? Which one do you recommend to use?

If you are preparing for an interview for a Python development profile, you may be asked to answer different questions. You can grab an eBook on Python interview QA for product-based companies. You will find the answers to many of such questions in this eBook.

Simple coding questions

  1. Print number 1 to 100. If the number is divisible by 3, print fizz. If the number is divisible by buzz. If the number is divisible by 3 and 5, print fizzbuzz.
  2. Remove duplicate elements from the Python list.
    Answer: The easiest way is to convert the list into the set and then convert the set back to the list. You will see that the duplicate elements no longer exist in the list.
  3. Troubleshoot the error in the given code. Basically, there was a fix in converting the input string to the integer value.

To crack this round, you have to practice solving interview coding questions.

2. Hiring Manager (HM) Interview

He mainly asked me questions about my current working project that I have mentioned in my resume. We discussed that in detail.

So it is important to decide what to mention and what not to mention in your resume. You should highlight some points in your resume that have more weightage. CSEstack has a tool to create a resume that formats and highlights important sections in your resume to stand out in the interviews.

He also asked me to draw the high-level design diagram of my project on Zoom whiteboard.

3. Coding Round

Started with the introduction and then move to the project disuccion.

Later half, it was coding round. He shared the coderpad link to write and execute the code.

Coding Question: Implement lexicographic order dictionary search using Trie data structure.

You can choose any programming langauges of your choice to solve this coding question.

4. Manager Interview

It looks like a technical plus hiring manager round. Here are some of the questions I can remember from the interview.

Some questions he asked as

  • What is the cache? What are the problems with using the cache?
    Answer: You can mention a couple of problems with caching like extra memory space to store cache, setting expiration for each cache, etc.
  • Tell me about any of your project that fascinates you.

Then he moved to the coding challenge.

Coding Question: Convert a non-negative integer number to its English words representation.

5. Bar Tender Interview Round

It was a complete BarTender or Bar Raiser interview. The interviewer asked some behavioral questions.

This interview is basically you have to prove how you can best fit in their project requirement or the company.

6. Loop Round Interview

It was a complete coding interview. There were two coding challnges that are asked.

Coding Challenge 1: Write a program to print the in-order traversal of the binary tree.

Answer: Learn about different binary tree traversal algorithms. He asked me to implement in-order traversal with and without recursion. You can also be asked to implement post-order traversal.

Coding Challange 2: You have given a grid matrix. Write a program to find the number of islands.

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How to prepare for Oracle OCI interview?

Here are some of the key points to rememeber while your are preparing for OCI interview.

  • Almost in each interview, you will be asked about your project. So, do a quick walk-through about your project and prepare well.
  • For a coding interview, you have to write a code on online Coderpad compiler. What you write on the online compiler will be visible to the interviewer as well. So, practice solving competitive coding challenges.

All the best!

Editors’ Note: These Oracle OCI interview questions and experiences are shared by the candidate Naman Chand. We wish him all the best for his future.


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