Oracle Interview Questions for Python Developer IDC for 5 Years Experienced

Oracle Interview Questions for Python Developer IDC for 5 Years Experienced

I got a call from Oracle as they shortlisted me for their Python developer profile in Oracle IDC (India Development Center).

I went through two telephonic technical rounds, two face-to-face technical rounds and one manager round.

Oracle Interview Questions for Python Developer

Here are some of the questions I can recall now.  Most of the questions where related to the Python and the projects I have done.

Round 1: Teliphonoc Technical Interview

He asked me about my background and some questions related to my projects I’m currently working on.

He also described the job description, opportunity and the kind of work they are doing.

Then they ask me to come to their office for face-to-face interviews.

Round 2: Oracle Technical Interview Questions

  • Write a program to find duplicates on the list?
    Answer: There are multiple solutions to solve this problem. The best solution is to solve it in O(n) linear time.
  • What is decorator in Python?
  • How you will read log files from multiple nodes and sort them on master using timestamp?
    Answer: You have to explain the entire flow, architectural design, and some high-level technical description.
  • What is the difference between list and tuple?
    Answer: This is the most common question, I was asked in almost every interview. If you are attending any Python technical interview, be prepared for this question.
  • As I told them that currently, we are using Python 2, so he asked me- Why not Python 3?
    Answer: To answer this question you should know the difference between the two Python versions.
  • As I mentioned in my project- Why are you using a bottle framework over Django and Flask web framework?
  • What are the different data types in Python?
    Answer: int, float, long, str are some of the basic data types in Python. Apart from that, there are some special data types like list, tuple, dict, set…
  • Write a program to reverse the element in the list except for the special characters.
  • Write a program to print all the elements which are also present in another given list.

You can find answers to all the questions in Python interview questions and answers guide.

Round 3: Orcable Technical Interview Questions

After a break of 10 minutes, they ask me for a second technical round interview.

Here are the questions from this interview.

  • What is the generator in Python?
  • Write a program to get the next Fibonacci number using a generator in Python.

Python Program:

def generateFibonacci():
    for i in range(10):
        yield b
        a,b = b,a+b

obj = generateFibonacci()



  • You have given a string and grid of characters. You have to write a program to find if the string is present or now in a grid.
    Answer: You have to write it on the paper. The pseudocode is also fine. I explained the solution using recursion.
  • There is a shelf having multiple socks with different colors. Write a program to count the number of socks pair.
  • This is the basic stock merchant problem.
  • What is the “next” keyword in Python?
  • How run some script through Python code?
    Answer: You can use the subprocess Python module where you can run any script using popen() command.
  • Synchronous vs asynchronous call. When to use what?
    Answer: Synchronous call is blocking the call. The next part of the code will not be executed unless synchronous call completes execution.
    In case of an asynchronous call, it passes the control to the next command. So asynchronous call and next part of the code run parallelly.
    If our next part of the code does not depend on o the execution of the call, the asynchronous call is preferable.
  • From your code, you are calling external API. How will you debug if the external call taking more time to execute?
    Answer: We can set the timeout. If the execution of the external call taking more time, we can abort the execution with a proper error message.
  • What is overriding? Why is it useful?
    Answer: Overriding is the object-oriented concept where we can define the same attribute (variable or method) in the base as well as in derived class.
  • How to implement a queue using two stacks?
    Answer: Explain queue insertion and deletion operation using two stacks.
  • What is the REST API?
    Answer: They asked me these questions as my current project is related to the REST APIs. To answer the question, check out the architecture of REST APIs.

Round 4: Oracle Manager Interview Questions

This is the third interview on the same day.

It was really a nice discussion with the project manager. She described the complete work they are doing. She explained to me the kind of work I will get a chance to work on if I join.

Then there were some discussions over compensation and salary. She explained to me all the perk I will get over joining Oracle.

In this round, you can be asked for any HR-related questions. This is a very important round because whatever decision manager takes, it’s almost final.

Round 5: Telephonic Interview with Project Lead

After a few days, they asked me for one more telephonic interview with the project lead. He is from the US.

He asked all the questions related to my current project I’m working on. Questions related to the project, design, complete workflow (DevOps), technical questions (mostly on REST APIs and networking from my project.)

This interview went for an hour.

This is all about Oracle interview questions for Python developer and my experience for the IDC development profile as a Python developer.

All the best!

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