Opteamix Interview Questions and Answers [Candidate Experience]

Opteamix Interview Questions and Answers [Candidate Experience]

I am sharing my Opteamix interview Questions and my experience with different rounds. Please go through it.

First Round (Group Discussion)

It was Group Discussion.

For group discussion, you should not sit like dumb. Speak some good points on the topic they have given. Try to put your points in an effective way. You will be selected.

For us, they have given topic – “Is India ready for the cashless economy?”

Second Round (Technical Interview)

It was a purely technical round. They will ask a question about your projects. Be ready with your projects. They will ask everything about your project. So go through all the technical detail about your project before the interview.

Some technical questions based on the languages you have mentioned in your resume can be asked. In your resume, always mention programming languages that you know very well.

I had mentioned Python as a programming language. They asked me some questions. If you have mentioned Python, check the Python interview questions and answers.

Apart from that, they asked me scenario-based questions like which will perform better Array or LinkedList for insertion of elements in the starting, insertion in the middle and insertion in the last position.

As most of the questions were asked from the resume, I would request each one attending Opteamix placement, make to your resume neat and clean with proper formatting.

Third Round (Online Aptitude Test)

As I remember, it consists of questions form mathematical aptitude, logical, reasoning and technical aptitude section.

The level is more than the Amcat platform and less than the Elitmus platform. If you are good at solving Elitmus questions, it will not much difficult for you to crack this round. It was conducted on Mettl platform.

Follow the standard practice to crack this aptitude test.

In technical aptitude, there will be questions from .Net technology, so be ready with that.

Fourth Round (Managerial Round)

It was Managerial round and they had a panel with two Opteamix interviewers to take my interview.

Again, they mainly asked questions based on my projects. There were some behavioral questions like- how much satisfaction you got after completing this project? What was your confidence level after the project?

Keep ready your answers to some of the common HR round questions.

After the 4th round, results were declared and I was selected.

To proceed in the next round you have to crack the previous round. Every round is important. So, give your best in each round.

Review: The package is the same as an average package for freshers, but remember the best part is that there is No Career Bond. Opteamix salary, I cannot disclose here.

All the Best, Guys!

Editor’s note: Thanks candidate for sharing Opteamix Interview Questions and your experience. We wish you all the best. If anyone wants to share their interview experience, feel free to reach out to us.

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