Numerify Interview Questions and Answers | Online Test

Numerify Interview Questions and Answers | Online Test

I am sharing Numerify Interview Questions and my experience about Numerify placement. First of all, I didn’t get an offer from this Numerify. But I would like to share whatever was asked in the Interviews.

There were 3 rounds (Online Test, Offline Assignment, And Interviews (1 Tech + 1 HR)).

Here is Numerify Interview Questions and Online Test Placement Paper Pattern.

Online MCQ Test

There were two sections in this online test.

1st section:

There were 20 reasoning, 20 English, and 20 quantitative questions. The time allotted was 60 minutes for 60 questions.

To crack this section use these 13 best aptitude test preparation tips.

Note: There might be sectional cutoff so manage time efficiently and solve at least 75% questions of each section.

2nd section:

It is a technical section. You have 30 minutes to solve. All basic questions on computer science like the database query. You should know all basic SQL commands for select query and aggregate functions. There were also questions to find the output of the C program.

Offline Assignment

About 50 got shortlisted for this round.

Now, this was an offline assignment for which 4 days were given.

It consisted of 6 programming questions out of which at least one needs to be submitted with the program, documentation, and test cases.

Out of these 6 questions, 2 were on programming and 4 on the database.

As they had the requirement for two domains Application developer and One more post (I don’t know an exact name) which requiring database skills.

Note: Please do not copy-paste the codes. Write it on your own because they didn’t shortlist those who were having the same codes.

Numerify Interview Questions: Round 1

13 guys were shortlisted for this round. The company visited our campus for two profiles coder and DBA. As I performed the first 2 programs which were of coding so I was interviewed for the coding profile.
It was a technical interview. There were 2 interviewers (out of which one was at the senior-most post) in this round. They majorly focus on the exception handling in java.

  1. An interviewer started with the question –‘tell me about yourself’.
  2. Then asked me which kind of project you did, programming language preference. I said java.
  3. Now he started shooting me questions on OOPs concepts and exception handling.
  4. What is the difference between interface and inheritance?
    Answer: The main difference is multiple interfaces can be included but only one class can be extended i.e. inherited. But I was not aware of this so unknowingly I created a complicated situation for me 😛 )
    You can read detail about Java Program using Interface.
  5. Now he asked me to give a real-life example for both inheritances and interface to distinguish them.
  6. He moved on the exception handling on different scenarios. First, he asked me by which we can handle exceptions?
    Answer: I told using try-catch and throws.
  7. Then he asked me if there is a database connection statement in the try block and an exception occurred after a few more statement, so will the connection be closed?
    Answer: I said ‘no’.
  8. How to recover this situation?
    Answer: I said we have to use finalize block along with the catch and in that, we will specify the connection close statement as whichever exception occurs in try block the finalize block will be executed.
  9. Now he gave me a scenario that in try block before the connection statement is executed exception occurred so now the close statement in the finalizing block will give an exception as the connection is not yet set up, but still, we are trying to close it. How to handle this?
    Answer: I said will make a check condition in finalizing block whether the connection is there or not and if yes then only we will execute that close statement.
  10. Now he twisted the scenario. He said there are very huge complex statements (i.e. many connections, many files) in that try block. You don’t know exactly how to set up the check condition for all of those. How can we handle this?
    Answer: I tried to think about it but didn’t come up with any useful solution. So the interviewer moved and on to the next question.
  11. Now, this time, a new exception handling scenario he gave me.
    There are 2 methods say fun1() and fun2().
    Fun2 () is called in fun1(), but fun2() can give so many exception.
    So at this time where will, we put the try-catch blocks in fun1(), or fun2() and yes it should handle all those exceptions.
    Answer: Here I got confused. First I told that we will put the fun2() calling statement in fun1() in the try-catch block. But then he replied the exception will occur in fun2(), the fun1() will not come to know about it and the program will crash. So I said we will put try-catch around the statements in the fun2() function. Then he said how will it be known to fun1() that calling to fun2() is failed. I gave so many thoughts, but those were not correct.
    When I came out of the interview it clicked my mind that my first solution was correct. We will put the calling statement of fun2() in fun1() in a try-catch block and (the point which I missed was) will throw the exception in fun2() using ‘throws’ keyword along with the fun2() definition.
  12. Now 2nd interviewer started shooting me the Numerify interview questions.
    There is an array having 0s and 1s you need to sort it.
    Answer: I said we will sort it using counting sort technique. But he said it will take 2 times parsing the array i.e. one for counting 0s and 1s, and second for storing them. Give the logic to sort it in a single parse only.
  13. Now he started asking me questions about the database such as using a select query with aggregate functions like max(), min(), etc.
  14. Now he asked me to find the 3rd highest value from a table having a column with millions of values.
    Answer: I proposed a solution. But he said it will take so much of time, give a query which will take less time.
    And yes this was the last question for me in this interview.

To crack this round,  prepare questions on exception handling in Java.

Numerify Interview Questions: Round 2

Now they took my 2nd interview i.e. for DBA position (I think I was rejected in the coding round. But they gave me a 2nd chance)

Again there were two interviewers.

They started asking me questions on the questions given in the assignment.

If I was to solve those database questions about how I would have solved them. (Frankly speaking except some basic stuff I don’t know about the database.) So I started answering the questions with the basic approach. But I think I was not that serious and was answering very casually.

So he stopped asking me and told the next interviewer to ask me some of the questions. Now he asked me a simple puzzle. And that’s it.

At the end after all Numerify interview questions, I was not selected.

But I met a guy who faced the last round. He said after the one interview from above he had a call with HR and he asked him some basic technical and HR type questions.

Editor’s Note: Thank you, Akhil Tambi, for sharing Numerify Interview Questions and your experience about Numerify placement. We wish you all the best for your future.

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