NetApp Interview Questions and Answers | Coding Test

NetApp Interview Questions and Answers | Coding Test

Hi there, I’m sharing my NetApp interview questions and coding round experience with you.

Currently, I have completed two rounds- interview and coding round.

First-round was a Zoom online interview. There was a single lady taking my interview.

We had some disturbance in the audio. So we prefer chatting over calling on Zoom.

She explained about their work.

After that, she asked, “do you find our work interesting to you?”

To that, I said “Yes!”.

Then she asked me “Why do you want to leave the current company?”

I showed my interest in learning and told her that I feel ready myself taking on some more challenges and responsibilities.

This is a tricky question and you have to prepare for it. They may ask you some similar types of questions. Here is how you should tackle this kind of interview question.

NetApp Interview Questions for Python Profile

Here are some of the questions the interviewer asked me as I remember. Consider this as online test interview.

  1. What does GIL stand for? And what’s the purpose of it?
    Answer: GIL stands for Global Interpreter Lock. Python does not allow multithreading. GIL ensures only one thread is running. Resources will be locked for a single thread.
  2. Tell me some of the built-in types in Python
    Answer: int, long (numerical data type), str, list, tuple, dict
  3. What is the Lambda function?
    Answer: Python Lambda Function
  4. How do you write your unit test cases?
    Answer: To which I told her that I don’t have much exposure to writing test cases in Python. Instead of using any Python framework, we created manual test cases that run on Jenkins automatically.
  5. What is pep8?
    Answer: pep8 is the coding standard followed by the Python developers. Following standard practice, while writing code makes it easy to understand and maintain source code.
  6. What is mutable and immutable in Python?
    Answer: mutable vs immutable datatype in Python.
  7. is list/tuple mutable or immutable?
    Answer: The list is mutable as we can change the element. The tuple is immutable as we can not change the element after creating a tuple.
    You can find more differences here – Python list vs tuple.
  8. What is Pylint?
  9. Tell me about your development environment.
    Answer: I explained to her that we follow DevOps concepts. We use GIT for source code management, Jenkins for CI automation, and Gerrit as code repo. And also explained our complete software development cycle.
  10. Then he asked me some questions from GIT.
    Answer: Refer GIT interview questions and answers.

You have to be prepared for all the basic Python interview questions.

Tip: Be frank with the interviewer. It’s ok if you don’t know certain things. It is not necessary to know everything while answering questions.

NetApp Linux Interview Questions

After that, she asked me questions about Linux.

  1. What Linux distribution you are familiar with?
    Answer: I said “RedHat and Ubuntu”.
  2. What command will you use to check the IP address of the system?
    Answer: You can check the IP address of the system by two commands:
    1) ifconfig
    2) hostname -i
    You can learn more about the hostname command.
  3. How to find the active port on your Linux?
    Answer: There is a Linux command netstat to check the active port.

To crack this round, you should be familiar with all the basic Linux commands.

She was happy with all my answers and processed my profile for the next rounds. It will be the coding round. They want to test your logical thinking, problem-solving ability, and code practice you follow.

After two days I got a call and told me that I had cleared the first interview.

The second round was about coding challenges.

NetApp Coding Test

They sent me an email with a small project requirement inside the attached document.

The coding assignment is like building a client-server platform using Python. They had given me four days to complete the test.

The requirement was not so clear and there were lots of assumptions. I tried to call their HR to understand the complete assignment. But she didn’t respond to an email or phone call. And the deadline was approaching.

Finally, I complete this assignment in Python based on my understanding.

I submitted the Python assignment and now waiting for the result. If you are p[preparing for fulltime or for internship, you can expect the similar interview and coding round pattern.

Editor’s Note: This NetApp interview questions and coding round test are shared by candidate Nilam Mukharji.  We wish her all the best for her further rounds.


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