17 McAfee Interview Questions and Answers for SDE | How to Crack

17 McAfee Interview Questions and Answers for SDE | How to Crack

I’m sharing my experience attending an interview at McAfee. This is the interview for SDE (Software Development Engineer) profile. I have five years of experience.

There was one coding round, three technical interviews, and two managerial interviews. These interview rounds were conducted at their Bangalore, India office location.

McAfee Coding Test

They have given a paper. There were multiple questions and some coding questions to solve. This is a 45 minutes test.

  1. There were some Python programming snippets. You have to find out the output of the program.
  2. Write a program to find the sum of all the elements in the list using recursion.
    Answer: Python Program to find the sum of all elements in List using recursion.
  3. Suppose there is the chocolate of infinite length and width. You can cut the chocolate into the square pieces of size 1×1. If you can make ‘K’ cuts, how many maximum pieces of chocolate you can get?
  4. The price of one chocolate is ‘C’. If you write ‘W’ number of wrappers, you will get one chocolate. How many chocolates you can buy if you have a total amount ‘N’?

(Tips: Python list is very common and most useful data types in Python. If you know popular Python list functions, you can solve most of the coding questions.)

You have to write a code in Python. You can also write a pseudocode. You have to explain your code in the next interview round.

There were a few more questions that I don’t remember now.

To crack any coding round, practice solving the basic coding questions.

Technical McAfee Interview Questions

  1. How to print all files in the current directory inside Python?
    Answer: We can use os or sys python module to list down all the files in the directory. You can also run the Linux ls command from your Python code using subprocess modules. I told him all the three ways. He was happy with the answers. (Check: Linux basic commands)
  2. What’s your one achievement you are proud of?
    Answer: This is one of the common HR questions asked in many of the company’s interviews. You should always prepare for it.
  3. Discussion over the code written in the written coding test.
    Answer: I explained to him the pseudo-code I wrote in the coding test.
  4. Implement REST APIs and response status error handling.
    Answer: Read the REST API interview questions and answers.
  5. How will you access the variable from one function to another function?
    Answer: Explained a couple of methods of doing that. One simple solution is to set the variable as Global and we can use it throughout the program, in any function.
  6. He asked me a few questions about Object-Oriented Concepts. One of the questions was the famous star problem from inheritance.

Basically there were two technical interviews. Most of the questions from Python. If you are looking for an opportunity in the same field, prepare for common Python interview questions.

McAfee Interview with Manager

He explained to me about their project and work culture. He was polite. We had a good discussion, almost for an hour. Here are the few points I can remember that we discussed.

  1. As usual, it starts with giving my brief introduction.
  2. How does your daily schedule at the office?
  3. What kind of meetings do you attend?
  4. Are you okay with traveling to other countries?
    Answer: They have clients and business units in other countries. They wanted someone to be flexible to travel outside if it is required. I said ‘yes’.
  5. Why do you want to leave your current job?
    Answer: Don’t put any bad words about your current job or the people you are working with. This leaves a bad impression. You can just say as you are working a long time with the same company. I’m looking for better opportunities for career growth.
  6. How’s your development work?
    Answer: I explain to him the complete development cycle that we follow in our project development. We follow DevOps concepts. I explained to him that.
  7. There were some more questions. Questions were similar to what the HR interviewer usually ask.

There was one more managerial round. That was a telephonic interview. He asked me similar types of questions related to my current job.

I got selected and after a couple of weeks. I got an offer from McAfee. Exciting.

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