MakeMyTrip Online Assessment Test and Interview Questions

MakeMyTrip Online Assessment Test and Interview Questions

My profile for the MakeMyTrip (MMT) was shortlisted. This was the requirement for the backend developer. I’m a backend developer with more than 6+ years of experience.

As a first-round, I was asked to give an online assessment test. MakeMyTrip Online Assessment Test was conducted on the HackerEarth.

The summary of your test is as follows:

  • SQL questions
    • Total number of questions: 1
  • Programming questions
    • Total number of questions: 2
  • Multiple Choice Questions questions
    • Total number of questions: 5

The time limit for the test is 1 hour and 15 minutes. As compared to the length of the test, time is not enough.

Here are some of the questions that I can recollects.

MakeMyTrip MCQ Questions

This test will have a question from basic Linux commands and data structure and algorithm.

  • What is the shell regex commands to identify all the files starting with keyword “hack”?
    Answer: Use regex “^hack”. This is one of the useful Linux commands you like use in your daily use.
  • How to list down all the hidden files in the current directory?
    Solution: Use option “a” with “ls” command. Check Linux “ls” commands.
  • Which sorting algorithm does not use divide and conquer technique?

There are two more questions that I don’t remember now.

MakeMyTrip Coding Challenges and SQL Questions 2022

There were two coding questions and one SQL question to solve.

The difficulty level of the question is slightly higher. You should solve at least one coding question with all the test cases passed.

Practice solving coding challenges asked in the coding test for product-based companies.

You can solve the coding problem in any of the programming languages of your choice. I used Python programming.

Once you crack this coding test, you will be asked for further technical interviews.

Editors’ Note: This MakeMyTrip Online Assessment Test and interview experience are shared by the candidate Niketan Bhat. We wish him all the best.

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