Kasmo Interview Questions for Salesforce Developer Job

Kasmo Interview Questions for Salesforce Developer Job

Hi everyone!

I have got placed in Kasmo Cloud as salesforce developer. I am sharing my Interview Experience here as this website has helped me for placement preparation. Interview experiences shared on this website are really helpful.

There were different round for Kasmo salesforce developer job profile.

Kasmo Interview Questions for Salesforce Developer Job Profile

Here you go. The rounds are…

1. Kasmo Cloud Aptitude Round

They asked simple aptitude questions about distance, time and velocity.

What is the distance between Alankar’s house and office, if he will reach office late by 20 minutes, traveling at 10 km/hr and will reach early by 15 minutes, traveling at 15  km/hr?

There are some aptitude tricks you should follow to crack this round.

There were some English related questions.

But 4 members got the same score. To sort out this, they decided to conduct GD (Group Discussion). Surprisingly, they selected all for next round.

2. Kasmo Cloud Technical Round

I introduced myself honestly (without telling any lies).

Most of the questions will be asked based on what you have mentioned in the resume. If you are serious about getting a job, format your resume professionally and make it more appealing.

I told him that I had been a web developer for a while and I knew WCS. And I told, all the skills I have mentioned in my resume are studied only for getting a job. So I don’t have implementation knowledge. “If you are gonna ask that much I will get definitely get stuck.”

I think he like that dialogue.

He told me like “That’s right. We are developers are meant to learn continuously”.

Write a program to input elements array and output the elements. Very simple questions from programming. Prepare for basic programming questions asked in the interview.

I have mentioned spring, hibernate in my resume. He asked about the spring, hibernate questions only.

After he asked me some questions about Java Interface.

That’s it.

3. Kasmo Cloud HR Round

HR told me to submit the SSLC certificate to block my position. They started with some of the common HR questions usually asked in the interview. Not much difficult. You don’t need to prepare for this round hard way.

That’s it end long job hunting. I have given more than 25 interviews at least before landing to get this job.

Tips for Job Aspirants

We should develop resiliency, one day surely door will open. When you feel demotivated, think about why you started preparing.

Our resume should be an exact reflection of our own. Mention only what you know- skill set and experience I mean. If you are gonna specify all lies they will expect from you that much.

Motivate your friends So we will get motivation our own. That drives you to attend more opportunities on the fly.

That’s it friends if you want any help or advise, please comment below.

Editor’s Note:

Thanks, candidate for sharing your Kasmo Interview questions for salesforce developer profile. These questions and answers are definitely going to help everyone preparing for Salesforce development job profile. We wish you all the best.

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