Incture Technologies Interview Questions | Placement Paper

Incture Technologies Interview Questions | Placement Paper

Hi Guys, I am Tharun, perceiving B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology specialization.

Incture Technologies visited our campus. I am sharing Incture Technologies interview questions and my placement experience.

It is an on-campus placement offer with a job profile of Associate Technical Consultant. It is a Full-Time Employment offer from Incture Technologies.

Job Description:

The associate technical consultant is usually a professional who is an expert in the relevant subject. It matters most in the field of science. He assists the technical assistant by providing solutions to meet the client’s requirements.

Job Location is Bangalore.


Eligibility criteria are 70% and above in 10th, 12th, Engineering, Diploma courses, etc.

There are five rounds. Out of that three were written and two interview rounds.

Incture Technologies Written Test

The written test was offline. There were 3 written tests and they were on paper-based tests.

First Round:

It was an Aptitude test and it contained 40 questions. It includes 10 each from Quantitative, Verbal, Logical and Programming.

All the sections seemed tricky but were easy while solving. Quant was felt hard to solve. To solve these tricky questions you need practice. Follow the standard aptitude preparation tips to crack this round.

They shortlisted 55 members from a total of 250 members. The cutoff was 50% of the total score.

Second and Third Rounds:

They were pure Psychometric. The first part was on my Personality and the third one was on the job specifications.

They had specific criteria for shortlisting. They shortlisted 20 members for Interview. The whole written test felt a bit tricky but it was interesting.

Incture Technologies Interview Questions

There were two Incture Technologies interview rounds. The first one is the technical round. The second one is the HR round.

Technical Round:

It was a one to one interview and it felt very interesting.

  • He asked me questions about my Internship. It was on SAP.
  • He asked questions on the projects I did.
  • There were some general technical questions.

Most of the questions were asked from the project I have mentioned in the resume. So format your CV to grab the interviewer attention.

HR Round:

It was also one to one round. Here are some Incture Technologies interview questions from the HR round.

  • He also asked details about my projects.
  • He asked general HR questions and a few technical questions.
  • It was 2:30 when the interviews were done. They were also testing if we can handle stress.

Apart from that, there are some common questions usually asked in HR rounds. You should always be prepared to answer them.

They shortlisted 5 members here. They also made a background check and all details were verified.

The result was announced after one week directly to our emails.

Check the salary, notice period and other employment details mentioned in the email before accepting offer letter.

Any Advice for New Job Aspirants?

Incture Technologies interview questions are concentrating mainly on SAP Solutions. So if you want to get into it, get a good knowledge of SAP and then if you apply you can clear the interview.

I really liked the posts on but the post frequency should be a bit more. The Interview Experiences were a great help for me. With this, I got to know how to face placements. Thank You, CSEstack.

All The Best, Guys!!

Editor’s Note: Thanks Tharun for sharing your interview experience and questions. I am sure it is useful for many job seekers. If you want to share their experience and help other students, please reach out to us.


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