IBM Online Test Questions and Pattern for Freshers

IBM Online Test Questions and Pattern for Freshers

Hi, I’m Vishwesh Deshpande from Govt. College of Engineering, Amravati (GCOEA). I attended an off-campus IBM drive for Associate System Engineer for the job profile. Being a candidate I’m sharing my IBM written test and interview experience.

IBM Online Test Questions

Basically the recruitment of IBM consists of four rounds.

1. Online Aptitude Test

It includes 36 questions. Among which 18 from logical series, the remaining are quantitative aptitude questions. The series questions are quite a bit tough which consists of 13-14 numerical numbers and we have to find the next in the series. The quant questions are the same as the examples in R.S. Agarwal.

To crack this round, you should be able to solve these aptitude questions very fast. Follow the standard aptitude practices to speed up your calculations.

2. English Written Test

It is an email writing skills test. We have been provided with 3-4 short paragraphs. We have to summarize it into exactly six statements in the form of an email.

The basic rules are-

  • It should be exactly 6 statements.
  • Statements should not be copied from the text provided.
  • It should be grammatically correct.

3. Group Discussion

This round can be conducted in two ways.

  • Normal GD
  • Extempore
    They will tell you to choose your own topic and speak for 3 minutes.

4. Technical cum HR interview

The HR will ask about your favorite subject, final year project, and about all the contents in your resume. So make your resume neat and clean. In the resume, mention only the things you know.

The interviewer will ask questions based on your reply.

For example,

  • He asked me what do you know in C programming.
    Answer: I replied structure, union, dynamic memory allocation.
  • They asked me about dynamic memory allocation.
    Answer: I replied with malloc and calloc.
  • He asked about the syntax of malloc. And he continued in this same way.

After technical discussion, HR asked me following questions.

  • Basic HR questions.
  • What is your salary expectation?
  • Are you interested in IBM and if yes, why?
  • What is your goal in life? And so on…

Finally its a good practice to ask at last a single query to HR. It shows your interest in IBM.

Also, go through the IBM interview experience shared by other candidates.

All the Best! Thanking you!

Editors’ Note: These IBM online test questions and interview experience are shared by the candidate Vishwesh Deshpande. We are wishing him all the best for his bright future.

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