IBM Online Test and Interview Questions for Freshers

IBM Online Test and Interview Questions for Freshers

I am Nilesh Bundele here, sharing my experience about IBM placement paper for IBM India Pvt. Ltd. I’m graduated from Govt. College of Engineering, Amravati.

One week ago, I received an invitation letter to participate in this drive from IBM. This drive was a Reference drive.

I had forwarded my resume to my Senior earlier. She referred me for this and she has experience of one year in IBM. So it is advisable always to give your resume to your seniors who are working in TOP IT Industries.

IBM Online Test Questions for Freshers

Actually, the drive was on the 19th and 20th of Jan. Both days were reserved for the first two rounds which were,

  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Online Communication Test

1. Online Aptitude Test

In the Online Aptitude Test, there were

  • 18 questions of Quantitative Aptitude
  • 18 questions on Numerical Series  (i.e find the next number in the series or find odd man out.)

The important thing which I want to share with you is that there was a Timer for each question. This Timer was of two minutes and 30 seconds. All rounds were knockout.

Time management is very crucial. So, follow the standard procedure for solving aptitude questions.

2. Online Communication Test

After clearing my first round there was an online communication test which was in the evening. It took almost four hrs for the first round because there were around two thousand students participated in this drive.

In the second round, there were questions on

  • English Grammar such as change the voice or identify whether active voice or passive voice.
  • Some questions were on Business letters. For example, at end of the business letter is there sincerely or regards, etc.
  • Some questions were on arrange the following statements and

After these two rounds, they told us that if you clear your 2nd round then you will be called within the next six days.

After two days, I got a call from IBM HR. He told me that I have cleared the second round and has been shortlisted for the next rounds.

The second round was GD-Group Discussion followed by the interview. He told me that I have to come tomorrow at sharp at 9 AM. So I went there at sharp 9 AM, but GD started at 10 AM.

3. Group Discussion (GD) Topics

The topic for GD was “Corruption The Way of Life in India.”

I also want to give you some tips about GD.

  • It is better to hear some points from another person so that you will be cleared about the topic. This means what exactly we have to speak because sometimes what happens many people get diverted from the main topic.
  • If you are really clear about the given topic then you can also start to speak on a given topic. The main thing while starting is that you have to first of all give meaning or exact definition about the topic.
  • Another important is that you also have to give importance to other points which mean you have to listen to their points also.
  • While talking in GD always give 2-3 examples. It is always better.
  • It is also important that your pronunciation must also be clear. This is also checked by the interview panel and also there is a mark for this.
  • In the end, we must conclude it that whether it should be or it should not be and never be neutral, take one side always in GD.
  • Also, try to avoid the word “but” while speaking in GD.

There were 12 members in my GD group. They selected 10 out of 12 for the further interview process. Gladly, I was one of them.

4. Interview Questions

Finally, they called me for a personal interview. The interview was very interesting. First of all, HR asked about myself.

Be prepared to answer to basic HR interview questions.

  • He asked me about my email-id. He asked me what is 7011 in your email-id. I told him.
  • Then he asked me about my project and also asked 2-3 questions on it.
  • HR asked me what were you doing for the last 9 months, I told the answer.
  • Then he asked some questions on SQL queries. Basic knowledge of SQL queries is enough.

The total time he took for this interview was 15 minutes only. After half an hour they told us results, and finally, in this way, I got placed in IBM.

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Editors’ Note: These IBM online test questions for freshers shared by Nilesh Bundele. We wish him all the best for his future.

All the best!

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