Global Logic Recruitment Process and Interview Questions

Global Logic Recruitment Process and Interview Questions

Hi there, I am sharing my Global Logic interview questions and my experience getting selected in Global Logic. I’m fresher and this is my first company.

I attended walk-in drive at Global Logic Nagpur, India Office for freshers.

They have also offices in Banglore, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon in India.

Global Logic Recruitment Process

I am very glad to discuss global logic placement paper with answers and all about my interview experience.

If you are preparing for a job, follow this Global Logic recruitment process

There were two rounds for the selection procedure.

  1. Written test
  2. Technical and  H.R. interview

Global Logic Written Test

This is a combined test having 50 questions, in which 20 questions of mathematical aptitude 30 questions on C.

The aptitude test was too easy but C questions were kinda tough.

We have to solve this in 55 min.

Majority of the people are shortlisted from the written test so be aware and prepare well.

Out of 750, 20 candidates were short selected for an interview and I was among them.

Global Logic Interview Questions

There was a combine technical and HR interview.

1) What are the different types of data structure?

  • stack
  • queue
  • link list
  • circular link list
  • heap
  • tree

2) What is mean by the binary tree? What are the different binary tree traversal techniques?

Answer: It’s tree having at most 2 children to every node. Read binary tree and traversal algorithms in detail.

3) What is the difference between an array and a linked list?


  • The array has a contiguous memory location. And we can access even the middle element directly.
  • In the linked list, to access any data element, we have to traverse the whole linked list from the first node. Random access is not possible with the linked list. Nodes in the linked list are not stored contiguously.

Detail answer about linked list and array is explained.

4) How do you decide which one to used- array or link list?


  • Use array whenever requires random access.
  • Use the linked list whenever don’t have contiguous memory location.

5) What is the circular linked list?

6)  How to reverse the elements in the linked list?

7) Difference between stack and heap.

8) Difference between virtual function and pure virtual function.

9) Insertion operation of an element in the linked list.

10) How to create an infinite loop?

Answer: We can do this in different ways.

Using for loop:

for(int n;;n )

Using do:

} while(true)

You can also use the switch statement.


11) How to handle large string than memory space assign to that variable?

Answer: There is built-in setw(n) function in C++. Even if you read a string larger than memory size, it does not terminate the program.

11) What is mean by a polymorphism in C++? Explain with example…

Answer: It is one of the basic Object-oriented programming concepts.

12 ) Difference between C and C++?


  • Explain the structure in C vs class in CPP
  • OOPs, features are not in C.
  • In C++, more emphasis is given on the security of data.

13) What are the object-oriented programming (OOPs) features?

  • polymorphism
  • operator overloading
  • function overloading
  • function overriding
  • template
  • data encapsulation

14) What are the different sorting techniques?

Answer: There are different soring algorithm.

  • insertion sort
  • selection sort
  • merge sort
  • heapsort
  • quicksort
  • radix sort

You have to explain each of the sorting algorithms.

15) What are the searching technique??

  • linear search
  • binary search
  • hashing technique

14) What is the difference between structure and class?

  • The class is the extension of structure in c.
  • In the structure, we can not encapsulate member function.
  • In the class, we can use both the number element and member function in class.
  • Private is the default visibility of member element in the class.
  • The public is default visibility of member element in the structure.

15) What is mean by the pointer and dangling pointer?

16) What is mean by Malloc and Calloc memory allocation in C?

Candidate Experience

This is all about Global Logic recruitment process, placement paper, and interview questions.

I am so happy to tell you that I got a call from HR on 1st April by afternoon. And she told me that I have been placed by Global Logic. By the way, it is not April fool as many of my friends just thinking so… haha

Global Logic is one of the best career options you have.

My advice is if you do not have time to prepare just go previous placement papers and interview questions. This will help you in a short time.

I got to know about this walk-in drive just one day before the written test. I also got joining from  IGate computer solution, Bangalore.  But I prefer to  go with Global Logic as the working domain of this company is mobile application development as it falls in the area of my interest 😀 *Happy Time*

Give your best of best,  I would love to see you in Global Logic.

All the Best!

Editors’ Note: These Global Logic recruitment process, interview questions, and experience are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best for the future.

If you have any questions about Global Logic placement, write in the comment.

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