Flipkart PSDS Round Interview Questions for SDE Software Engineer

Flipkart PSDS Round Interview Questions for SDE Software Engineer

In this guide, I’m sharing my experience and interview questions asked in the Flipkart PSDS round.

Usually, Flipkart conducts 4-5 rounds of interviews including the data structure and programming round, system design (LLD- low-level design, HLD- high-level design) round, and managerial and HR rounds.

I attended this Flipkart interview for the role of SDE-3 software engineer, in 2023. This opportunity was for Bangalore, India location.

Flipkart PSDS Round Interview Questions

This interview was conducted on Google Meet with online video conferencing. It was scheduled for an hour.

It started with my introduction. He describes the role and responsibilities of the job opening position.

After that, he shared the Google document and started with the data structure and coding questions.

Coding Test Question 1: Find the first unique element in a stream of characters at any given point.

Input:  a b c d a b c
Output: a a a a b c d

Hint: There are multiple solutions to this problem using different algorithms and different data structures. The optimal solution you can get is with the hash table and linked list.

Coding Test Question 2: Implement a basic Excel.

Cells: A1, B5 etc
Values: numeric (1, 5 etc) or binary formula -,/,=,* ( A1 + B1 etc)
Operations: Add or edit any cell

updateSheet(E,3,"15") → 15
updateSheet(C,3, "100+20") —> 120
updateSheet(D,2, "E3+5") —-> 20

Hint: We discussed the different approaches to solving this problem. The best solution to this problem is to solve it with the directed acyclic graph.

He also asked questions about DFS and BFS graph traversing algorithms.

Important Interview Tips for Flipkart Coding Test

Here are some of the important tips you should follow if you are attending the Flipkart PSDS round interview.

  • You don’t need to write syntactically correct code. Pseudocode is fine. If time permits, you can write the code.
  • First of all, get the solution. Discuss it with the interviewer. Find if there is an optimal solution. Discuss time and space complexity.
  • Your solution should be optimal in terms of time and space complexity.

At the end of the interview, he asked me if I have any questions. I asked him a couple of questions regarding the project and company culture.

Editors’ Note: These Flipkart PSDS round and SDE software engineer interview questions and answers are shared by the candidate Navneet Singh. We wish her all the best!

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