Eze Software Interview Questions for Software Developer

Eze Software Interview Questions for Software Developer

Eze Software Group has visited our campus for placement. Today I am sharing my placement experience and Eze Software interview questions.

It is on campus placement offer for the post of Junior Developer. They are working primarily on C#.Net. The job location is Hyderabad.

Criteria for Eze Software placement:

From MTech, those are having CGPA greater than or equal to six were allowed for the placement.

There was a total of six rounds including one written test, one group discussion, and four personal interviews.

Eze Software Written Test:

It was an on-paper written test. There were 25 Questions on JAVA and C++ (mostly on the OOPS Concepts), 25 questions on Basic Aptitude and Quantitative (Arun Sharma Level 1).

So there were a total 50 questions.

For aptitude read 13 Best Aptitude Test Preparation Tips. I would like to suggest you go through theĀ Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma.

Eze Software Interview Questions:

After on paper written test, GD was conducted. GD was for 15 minutes. Followed by 4 personal interviews. 2 were technical interviews of around an hour each.

  • Questions were asked about OOPS concepts.
  • There were some questions related to the string manipulation and Data Structures.
  • He asked me to code for my solutions.
  • Discussion about my projects in depth.
  • He asked me to draw the architecture of my BTech project.
  • He gave me one scenario for which he asked me to create classes and apply oops concepts over it.

Then 15 minutes personal formal talk. In that formal talk, he discussed my BTech project and explained the working of the company.

Eze Software HR Round Questions:

Then one last Skype HR interview. It went for almost 20 minutes.

  • She asked me about myself, my family background, my projects (Diploma, UG and PG).
  • Which technology do I prefer to work with?
  • What’s your future study plan?
  • Where I will see myself after 5 years. Explained to me about the company?

After Eze Software interview questions, she explained to me about the company.

Always be prepared for most common HR interview questions.

Any Remark/ Advice for New Job Aspirants

Be honest, patient, confident. Must have problem-solving skills. Focus on programming. I was asked for many questions on OOPS concepts. Do read detail about Object-Oriented Programming Concepts.

CSEstack team is doing great work and it is really very helpful.

Editor’s Note: Thanks for sharing your Eze Software Interview Questions and your experience about the placement. This is very helpful for new job aspirants. We wish you good luck in the future.

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