Ericsson R&D Interview Questions for Python Backend Developer Lead

Ericsson R&D Interview Questions for Python Backend Developer Lead

The complete process involved five rounds including three technical interviews, one hiring manager, and one HR discussion interview round.

The hiring was for the senior technical lead job profile for a backend developer in Banglore, India.

All these interviews were carried out virtually.

Interview Coding Round

After having introductions, the Interviewer asked me a couple of coding questions. Here are those questions as I remember.

Question 1: Write a program to check if the two strings are anagrams or not.


Question 2: How to check palindrome string?

Question 3: Write a program to find the longest palindrome substring.

Note: While providing solutions or writing code to solve these problems, also discuss them with the interviewer.

After this, I got a call as I was selected for the second technical round.

Technical Interview Questions

This is the complete technical interview round.

Here are some of the questions I’m able to recollect now.

  • Describe your current project and also tell me your contribution to the project.
  • Then there were some questions related to the project that I was working on in my previous companies.
  • Why do you centralize the database?
    Answer: You can describe the advantages of having a centralized database system. Just like, with a single snapshot, we can take a backup of the entire application data.
  • What is SAAS?
    Answer: SAAS is the abbreviation for Software as a Service. Explain it with an example.
  • Design an SAAS application to show the details over the map and in a tabular format.
  • Then he asked me DB queries to filter entries.
    Answer: It is not expected you should write executable queries. Just tell him the approach.

Finally, I got selected and joined as Senior Technical Lead in Banglore.

Editor’s Note: These Ericsson Interview Questions for Python Backend Developer Lead are shared by the Anonymous candidate. We wish him all the best for his future

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