DE Shaw Interview Questions | MCQ, Coding Test

DE Shaw Interview Questions | MCQ, Coding Test

Hi Guys, I am sharing my De Shaw interview questions and placement paper experience. Hope it will help you to prepare for placement.

DE Shaw India visited our NIT college campus for CSE placement. I am glad to be placed in DE Shaw.

DE Shaw placement procedure consists of written tests on paper and three interview rounds. Interview rounds include two technical interviews and one HR round.

Placement Paper and MCQ Written Test Questions

In the written test,

  • There is aptitude as well as technical MCQ questions.
  • Technical MCQ includes C, C++, and Java programming MCQ questions.
  • There are some technical questions from Computer Science core subjects like Operating System, Computer Network, Database Management System, Data Structure…

20 minutes have allotted for the written test. A written test is on paper. So keep a pen, a pencil, and rough sheets if not provided.

For solving aptitude MCQ questions, follow the standard methods. This will help you to get the answers in less time. You don’t have much time.

Coding Test

After the MCQ test, there is a coding test. It is also on paper. So it is not necessary to write exact syntax but, but logic should be correct to solve the coding problem. 20 minutes have allotted to write code on paper.

Here is the coding question that can asked to write a program.

  • Write a program to reverse the Linked List from the middle element.
    Answer: Find some important Linked List questions for practice. It will be very helpful for almost every placement interviews.

If you are preparing for the coding round, check these 50+ interview coding questions.

DE Shaw Interview Technical Questions

It went for almost one hour. I am not remembering all and exact questions, but below are a few.

  • An interviewer asked me questions on packet fragmentation from Computer Network.
  • How do fragmented packets get assembled at the destination?
    Answer: This is questions from the network system. You have to explain the seven-layer OSI model architecture.
  • I have mentioned image processing as my project. So they asked me some questions related to image processing.
  • After that interviewer moved to Database Management System and asked some SQL queries related to “group by correlation”.
  • Coding question on the matrix:
    You have given an NxN matrix with all elements 0s and 1s. Write a program to set every row that contains a 0 to all 0s. Similarly for a column, set every column that contains a 0 to all 0s.
  • Some theoretical questions were asked from C, CPP.
  • What is dynamic casting?
    Answer: Casting is nothing but converting the data type of the object.
  • Tell me about the inline function in C?
  • What is the polymorphism and run-time polymorphism in Java?

DE Shaw Interview Questions on C Programming

This interview is all about C, CPP and to judge coding skills. Some questions that I remember are as follows:

  • What is the significance of the stdio.h header file in C?
    Answer: This header file has a declaration for most of the common functionality that can be used in our program.
  • How to create our own header file in C?
  • Where does this file locate in the actual C installed file hierarchy?
  • Write a code to implement polymorphism using the structure in C and using a function pointer?
  • How to implement variable numbers of arguments in a function?

You have to get all your basic done for C programming.

HR Interview Questions

Many take HR round as formality. But this HR round was tricky.

The interviewer started with some common HR questions such as- Tell me about yourself. Why do you want to join the DEshaw Company?

They really stretched me over “Why should not hire you?”. You should be prepared for these kinds of most common HR interview questions.

After this, they asked me to solve some puzzles. Puzzles include racecourse puzzle, ant climbs up and down.

Note: Visit the DE Shaw website. You should go through the company profile before the HR round. It will help you to tackle some HR round questions about the Company.

In the end, and complete busy schedule of a day, I am happy to be a part of the De Shaw.

Good Luck and give your Best! I would love to see you there.

Editors’ Note: Thank you for sharing DE Shaw Interview Questions and Placement Paper. CSEstack team wishes you all the best for your future.

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