DataWeave Interview Questions for Data Engineer | Reviews

DataWeave Interview Questions for Data Engineer | Reviews

One of the hiring agency refereed my Naukri profile to the DataWeave. I’m here sharing my experience and DataWeave interview questions.

I have 5+ years of experience and this opportunity was for Senior Data Engineer. Whether you are a fresher and an experienced candidate, the interview questions I’m sharing here will help you.

About DataWeave | Review

DataWeave is the well-grown and funded startup which dwells into data analytics for retailers and eCommerce business.

They provide services to the retailer and eCommerce clients which includes big brands like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay Nike…

If you are interested in Data analytics and data science, this is the company for you. As its startup, you will dwell into the multiple roles and technology at the same time.

The environment is challenging you will be always occupied with the work.

I have been interviewed by DataWeave. There was one telephonic interview. After that, they asked me to come to their office in Bangalore, India for the face-to-face round.

DataWeave Interview Questions

There was a technical interview followed by the interview with the manager and then with the HR team.

Technical Python Interview Questions

  • What are the programming languages you are familiar with?
  • What is the difference between Python 2 and Python 3 versions?
  • How is the tuple different from the list?
  • As I have mentioned bottle web framework in one of my projects, He asked me a couple of questions on the bottle framework?
    Answer: Bottle is the most lightweight framework to develop web applications.
  • What is the difference between ASCII and Unicode?
  • What is the yield statement?
  • Explain generator in Python with example.
    Answer: You can explain the Generator with the simple Fibonacci generator.
  • What is mutable and immutable?
  • What is a byte string in Python?

I have created a complete Python interview guide. Refer to it to get answers to these questions.

Data Structures Interview Questions

  • Explain the BST search?
  • What is time complexity? And why is it used?
    Answer: Time complexity is measured to find the efficiency of the algorithm or program. It is nothing but the amount the time algorithm or program takes to execute for ‘n’ elements.
    Time complexity is used to compare the efficiency of two algorithms or programs. The algorithms or program which takes less time is more efficient.
    Example: There are many sorting algorithms. If you need a sorting mechanism in your project, you should always pick the most efficient one.

They have a whiteboard in their meeting room. You have to explain it to them on the board.

Questions related to the REST APIs

As I’m currently working on REST API application development. the interviewer asked me some questions on REST APIs.

  • What is REST APIs?
  • How REST API is different from the SOAP?
  • What is Redfish?
    Answer: Redfish is the standard design defined for the simple and secure management of the servers (Data Centers).

I have already answered most of the REST API interview questions. Refer it.

Questions on Web Scrapping

In my resume, I have mentioned the Web Scrapping Zomato application. So he asked me some questions about this.

  • What is web scraping?
  • What are the libraries you have used for web scrapping?
  • How much data you have scrapped from Zomato?
  • What are the different HTTP status codes?
  • How you will overcome if the Zomato blocks your IP address?

DataWeave Interview with the Manager

It was a very friendly discussion with the manager. We started with an initial discussion.

He asked me “What do you know about DataWeave?”

I already had gone through their website. I told them whatever I know about them.

He explained to me their complete business model on paper and their work. We discuss a lot of things and challenges they are facing.

DataWeave Interview With HR

It was all about a discussion about my background, work experience, and salary negotiation.

All their panels are very friendly and co-operative.

He asked me: “Do you have any questions for me?”

Be prepared to ask the question that shows your interest in the offer they are offering.

This is very crucial round. Prepare for all the basic HR interview questions.

This is all about my experience with the DataWeave interview.

Wish you all the best!

Editors’ Note: These DataWeave interview questions, experience and reviews are shared by the candidate. We wish him all the best for his future.

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