55 Data Structure and Interview Coding Questions for Freshers

Whether you are a fresher or experienced candidate, the basic skill you need to master to land a good job is a data structure.

You can never learn data structure by reading books. It is all about PRACTICING.

The more you practice, the better you become.

I will tell you the complete actionable plan to master data structure and coding questions.

Here you go…

Step 1: Choose your weapon (aka programming language)...




Step 2: Use our battle ground

You can practice and execute your code in our online CSEstack IDE.  You don’t need any setup.

Step 3: Keep practicing...

Here is the list of the interview coding questions, categorized by the data structure. Solving these coding questions will help you to improve your data structure knowledge. This will also improve your logic-building skill. 

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, no one can stop you from mastering data structure and programming.

  1. What is array | traversing array (C/C++)
  2. Find the smallest and largest number in array?
  3. Find second smallest element in array.
  4. Write a program to Sort elements in array?
  5. How to search element in sorted array?
  6. Write a program to find the missing number in a given integer array of 1 to 100.
  7. Write a program to find the duplicate number from the given integer array.
  8. How to find the transpose of the matrix? (asked in Zoho interview)
  9. How to calculate the median of the array? (asked in Zoho interview)
  1. Write a program to check if the array is sorted. (C/C++)
  2. Selection Sort (PythonC/C++)
  3. Insertion Sort
  4. Bubble Sort (C/C++)
  5. QuickSort (Example | Algorithm | Programming | Complexity)
  1. How to create/implement Linked List? (C/C++)
  2. Write a program to reverse Linked List. (C/C++Java)
  3. Find middle element in the Linked List.
  4. Write a program to identify if the Linked List is circular.
  5. How to find n’th element from the last, if size of the LinkedList is unknown? (asked in Morgan Stanley)
  1. Find the first duplicate/repeated character in the string. (Python)
  2. Write a program to check if the substring is present in the given string. (C/C++)
  3. Write a program to reverse the given string. (Python)
  4. How to reverse a string without affecting special characters?
  5. How to convert the given string to an integer value? (C/C++)
  6. Write a program to check the Palindrome String. (C/C++)
  7. Write a program to check the Anagram String. (C/C++)
  8. Remove white spaces from the given string. (C/C++)
  9. Find all the permutation of the given string. (Python)
  10. Find Remainder without using Modulus Operator
  11. Remove all the duplicates characters from the string

Step 4: Share your code and help other

  • You get exposure. 
  • You learn more when you share with others.

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