Binary Tree Tutorials | Interview Questions and Answers

Binary Tree Tutorials | Interview Questions and Answers

Binary Tree Tutorials | Interview Questions and Answers

What is Binary Tree?

A binary tree is a special type of tree. As its name, every node in the tree will be having either zero node, one node or two child nodes.

Any node in the binary tree can not have more than two nodes.


Let’s take below binary tree example.

reorder, inorder and post order traversal

Look at the above example:

  • ‘4’ is the root node that has two child nodes ‘1’ and ‘5’.
  • Node ‘5’ has only one child node ‘6’.
  • Node ‘7’, ‘3’ and ‘6’ does not have any child nodes. These nodes are called as leaf nodes.

In programming, the node in the binary tree can be implemented as an element in the linked list or the object of the structure/class.

List of Binary Tree Interview Questions

Binay tree is a very important data structure and used in many of the projects. If you are applying for jobs, you will be asked for answers to the many questions on it.

  1. Program to Create a Binary Tree. 
  2. What is  Pre/In/Post Order Traversal of the Binary Tree?
  3. Write a program to Find the Height of the Binary Tree? 
  4. What is the Level Order Traversal in Binary Tree?
  5. What is Min and Max Heap in Binary Tree?
  6. Write a program to Find the Ancestors of the Given Node?
  7. How to find the Lowest Common Ancestor of Two Nodes?

I have explained binary tree interview questions with the working code. Go through them one-by-one. Understand the concept and logic. Practice them.

Make the best use of these tutorials.

I remember attending an interview with Amazon. The interviewer asked me the questions on Binary Tree. If you prepare well, this will help you cracking coding and interview rounds for many of the product based companies.

Even if you look at the candidate interview experiences, most of the companies asked questions on the binary tree to test your logic and programming skills.

If you have any questions or doubts about a binary tree, write in the comment section below.

Note: We will keep updating this article by adding more binary tree tutorials and binary tree interview questions. Stay tuned!

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