Citrix Interview Questions and Coding Round Experience

Citrix Interview Questions and Coding Round Experience

I got a call from Citrix HR as they showed interest in my Naukri profile for a job opportunity for a software engineer role with Citrix R&D. This is the opportunity for the Banglore location. After discussing it over a call, she scheduled a coding round for me.

In this article, I will share Citrix interview questions asked in different rounds, their hiring process, and my experience with the Citrix software engineer job role.

Online Coding Round Test on Hackerrank

The coding round was hosted on Hackerrank. There were two questions which you have to solve in 75 minutes. The difficulty level of both the questions was moderate. Luckily, I was able to solve both the questions with all test cases passed.

Here are the two questions.

1. Lifting Weights

You have given a weight array (array of different weights) and the maximum capacity. You have to find out what is the maximum weight you can lift.

This is a greedy problem from the data structure.

2. Evaluating Circuit Expression

You have given a circuit expression. You have to evaluate the final output of the circuit. Expression includes 1, 0, & (logical AND), | (logical OR), ! (logical NOT) , [ (opening bracket) and ] (closing bracket).

To solve this problem, implementing a stack makes your job easy.

You can use any programming language of your choice. I used Python to solve these two problems.

The next day, I got a call from HR and she schedule a technical interview.

There were two interviews back to back. Each interview was scheduled for an hour.

To crack the coding rounds in product-based companies, keep practicing coding challenge questions.

Coding Technical Interview

You have given a long number beyond precision. Let’s say that number is a long string that can not be saved as an integer. You have to write a program to add a number to the string.

To solve this problem you should know how the basic addition operation works from our school :D. This is the tricky question though.

He asked me to explain my current project. Then he asked me some questions on REST API as it is related to my projects. You can prepare from REST API interview questions and answers.

Telephonic Technical Interview Citrix

He started asking questions from Python.

  • What is the difference between static, class and instance methods?
  • What is Nginx? How it is a different proxy server?
  • Asked me to implement exception handling in Python to catch the KeyError in the Python dictionary.
    (Hint: when you try to fetch the value from the dictionary for the key which is not present in the dictionary, your Python program will throw a KeyError exception.)
  • Implement retry functionality using Python decorator.

Both the technical interview were scheduled on the Microsoft Team Meeting.

If you have any doubt or want to know more detail, you can ask me in the comment section. All the best!

Editors’ Note: These Citrix interview questions and coding test experience are shared by candidate Nalin Chandra. We wish him all the best for his future.


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