CGI Interview Questions for Backend Developer (Python and Django)

CGI Interview Questions for Backend Developer (Python and Django)

I’m sharing my interview experience for CGI for the role of senior backend developer. I’m having 10 years of experience.

They are looking for an immediate to 30-day joiner.

This interview was for the experienced Python and Django developer job role. This interview went on for almost 45 minutes. The mode of an interview was online on Team Meet.

The interview started with an introduction. In the introduction, talk about your education, working experience, and technical skills.

After that one of the interviewers panel explained to me the project they were building. They are hiring a Python developer for the same project.

Coding Question Asked in CGI Interview

Here are the questions they asked me in the interview.

  1. Python program to find the first repeated character and also print the number of times that character occurred.
    Solution: First repeat the character in the string and count

You have to write and execute code in the online Python compiler.

Python Interview Question Asked in CGI Interview

  1. Type casting and dynamic datatype in Python
  2. How to handle exceptions in Python?

Then he asked starting questions related to Django.

Django Interview Questions Asked in CGI Interview

  1. How to create the superuser in Django?

Answer: Here is the simple command.

python createsuperuser
  1. What are the other things you can do with the


We can start the server using runserver command.

python runserver

We can do the database migration like creating migration and applying migrations to the database.

python makemigrations
python migrate
  1. How are you using Django in your current project?

Answer: I explained to him that, we are using FastAPI. Why FastAPI is our preferred choice over Django for the current project.

Other questions that I remember:

  1. What are the technologies you are using on the server side?
  2. How to manage sessions in Django?
  3. How controller work in microservice architecture?
    Answer: Controller is a critical component that acts as an interview between the client and server. It handles HTTP requests, routing, processing data, and then sends responses back to the client.

Unfortunately, I did not receive the offer from CGI.

Editor’s Note: This experience and CGI Interview Questions for Python and Django Developer are shared by the candidate Nitin Raj. We wish him all the best for his future.

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