BYJU’s BDA Interview Questions for Business Development Associate

BYJU’s BDA Interview Questions for Business Development Associate

I am sharing my BYJU’s BDA Interview Questions and experience attending BYJS placement drive.

For this post, as per my understanding, most of the questions get repeated. So you should prepare for some set of questions.

There will be two rounds. Group discussion followed by a personal interview round.

Ground Discussion (GD Round):

If there are more people attending this drive, they can conduct the group discuss (GD round). They will give any topic and will ask the candidate to discuss it.

There will be 20-25 students in one GD group. In each group, they will select 2 or 3 students.

It is difficult to guess the topic as they can give any random topic. They just want to see your communication skill and your approach to dealing with different situations.

This is more like an elimination round and selects very few candidates (2-3 out of 25). So accordingly, you should prepare well.

BYJU’s BDA Interview Questions:

Here is the list of questions as I remember.

  • How does the school system work?
  • How do you target parents for their children’s career?
  • What is your strategy to attract students for attending online courses?
  • We know, there are many such online courses available on the internet. Why should students adopt BYJU’s innovation in Education?
  • Why do you want to join BYJU’s? What is your interest?
  • What makes drive harder in the workplace?
  • Also if a parent is claiming that they are getting the same service at lower prices then how would u handle the situation.?
  • If a parent is satisfied with the demo but they are planning to take the course in the next session. How would you handle them?.
  • Why do you want to come to sales? Suppose you have one bottle and you are in need of money. Show me how to sell the bottle. (Bottle is just example, this could be anything).

You will be aksed some question from your resume as well. So make sure your resume in neat and clearn and properly formarted. Use online resume builder tool to create your resume.

BYJU’s Interview Tips for BDA profile:

If you are attending their interview for BDA post, you can note down these questions.

If you look at BYJU’s business model, they do extensive digital marketing to promote their online courses. For this post, they check your marketing skill.

You should not expect any of the coding questions here for Business Development Associate profile.

For one interview, the interviewer can ask you nearly 5-6 questions (It is my guessing). As per as I think, even if you preparer and deliver the right answer to any of the three questions in the interview, your chances are more getting selected. You should be good at it.

To answer these questions, first of all, you should know about BYJU’s company and its business model.

For the HR round, you can prepare for some common questions asked in HR interview rounds.

All the best, guys!

Editor’s Note: Thanks, Candidate for sharing this BYJU’s BDA Interview Questions and placement experience. We wish you all the best.

Candidate reading this interview questions, if you have any query related to BYJU’s placement, you can write in the comment section.

This information posted here is the candidates’ own experience. The placement procedure and questions may vary for you.

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