Boeing Interview Questions and Answers for Software Engineer

Boeing Interview Questions and Answers for Software Engineer

First of all, I got a call from Boeing HR. Earlier I had applied for the job opening through their career portal. This opportunity was for experienced candidates and for a software engineer’s profile.

Boeing Interview Questions for Software Engineer

1. Telephonic Interview

He asked me some questions related to my project. He also asked me some basic Python interview questions. This telephonic discussion went on for 20 minutes.

After an initial telephone screening interview over a call, I was asked to come to their office, in Bangalore, India.

They took one coding round and one technical interview in office in office. After that, there was a structural and behavioral interview over a call.

2. Boeing Coding Round

The interviewer asked me to write a Fibonacci series with three different conditions,

  • with recursions
  • without recursion
  • using generator

There was a big whiteboard in the meeting room. You have to write a program in any programming language you are comfortable with. I choose Python.

Then he asked multiple questions on this. Read the Fibonacci series tutorial for code and answers to all the questions.

You have to explain each and every detail of your code including the time and space complexity.

After that, there was one technical interview.

3. Boeing Technical Interview Questions

There were two interviewers. They went through my resume. Here are some of the questions they asked me.

  • Then he asked to write a program for bubble sort or selection sort. (You have to write it on paper.)
    Answer: I choose a selection sort. I explained the working of selection sort and code for it. Even though they have given me a choice, I would recommend you to go through all the basic sorting algorithms.
  • Design a user chat application, where users can ask their queries, and the support team will assist them with their queries.
  • They asked some questions about the palindrome. How to check if the given string is a palindrome?
  • I have experience working on REST API in my current project. They asked me some questions about my project and RESTful APIs.
    Answer: Go through RESTful API interview questions.
  • How to handle if the user is hitting API more than a threshold?
    Answer: If the user or bot is bombarded with a lot of dummy requests, this can lead to DoS (Denial of Service) attack. There are multiple ways to block these fraudulent requests. We can block the IP address from where our application is getting requests.

4. Structured and Behavioural Interview Questions

After a few days, I got a call from Boeing HR. They shortlisted my profile for further structural interviews. As I was not in Bangalore, they arrange a telephonic interview.

There were two interviewers in this panel.

If you are not familiar with the structured interview round, don’t worry. Boeing HR will share one document with you which includes detail about the structured interview. From this, you will learn the type of questions they can ask you.

In this interview, they will ask you some behavioral questions. To answer each of the structured interview questions, you have to describe-

  • a situation where this has happened
  • how you deal with it and what action you took
  • what was your learning

Example: One of the most common questions asked to me in Being structured interview

Describe a time when you were working on a team project and you had to motivate your teammates to
accomplish their tasks. What was the situation? What was your role? How did you overcome the problem? What was the outcome?

Be ready with all these interview questions in advance. So you don’t need to think much about it during the interview.

After a couple of days, the HR team acknowledged my selection and asked me to submit some documents.

This is all about Boeing interview questions for Software Engineer and my experience. Hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions, you can ask me in the comment. All the best.

Editor’s Note: This interview experience is shared by V. Nandan. We wish him all the best for his future.

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