Attra Infotech Technical and HR Interview Questions [Candidate Experience]

Attra Infotech Technical and HR Interview Questions [Candidate Experience]

Friends, finally, the day has come to share my experience and my journey towards job searching in Bangalore. As like almost everyone, I came here with the hope that I get a job within 2-3 months.

But, after rejecting in so many companies, I realized then, I have to work on my weak areas and try to overcome that. It is not so easy.

Attra Infotech Technical and HR Interview Questions

I got placed in a reputed company Attra Info-tech. And here is my interview experience.

1st Round: GD

It was GD. In this round, they only check your ability like that whether you are able to speak or not. How’s your communication skill.

2nd Round: Technical Interview Questions

And after that first technical they asked a simple question from your resume, some puzzles, some testing question.

The interviewer looks at your resume very carefully. And ask you related questions. Make sure you have your resume updated and have all the standard formatting for CV. Your resume is the first way to grab the attention of interviewer.

After my 1st technical, I ask the HR about feedback. And simply she told me “this is against the company policy so I am not able to give you the feedback but yes, you are good and keep your confidence level like this.”

After that, I was very sure about the result and finally, I got the mail that I qualified the 1st technical and the next day was my 2nd technical.

3rd Round: Technical Interview Questions

I went there for the next round and this time interviewer asked about my training project in detail. He asked so many questions from the project only.

And after that, they asked me

They can ask you to write code on paper in the interview. You should prepare to solve some basic programming questions asked in interviews.

After that, at last, he told me that go and enjoy your day. Whatever you want to eat go and eat and go for a movie.

And after that, I was like what is this I got selected Wow!!…

And after 2-3 hour I got a mail that I got selected for the final HR round.

4th Round: HR Interview

I went there for HR round and that round was just a formality.

He asked me about my family members and my expenses in Bangalore nothing else.

You need to much bother about the HR round. But again, it’s not good to take a risk. Keep ready your answers for all the basic HR round questions.

After 4-5 days I got a confirmation mail and just after a week, a got an offer as well as joining too.

My advice to all job aspirants:

It’s advice to all the job seekers that never ever lose your hope. Always try to motivate yourself. And please never missed a single interview because you don’t know that which days is yours and which day you will get selected.

Editorial Team: Thanks for sharing your Attra Infotech Technical and HR Interview Questions and your advice for new job aspirants. For any placement related questions, you can comment below.

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