Apple Interview Questions for Big Data Developer

Apple Interview Questions for Big Data Developer

Here I’m sharing apple interview¬†questions and my experience. I have two years of experience.

This hiring was for the Apple Maps team for the role of Big Data Enginneer.

Apple Technical Question (Round 1)

This interview goes for 1-2 hrs. The interviewer starts with my introduction and my todays’ tasks along with my skill set.

I was asked questions related to the entire big data technology stack.

Then all the questions regarding my technology stack (whatever I have mentioned in my resume) were asked in depth. Be cognizant about what you write in your resume. Use online CV builder to create a professional resume.

Based on your years of experience, you will be asked different questions. To crack this Apple interview round, you should know the answers to all the basic Bigdata questions.

Apple Technical Interview (Round 2)

In this interview round, there was only one question they asked me.

The interviewer shared an online compiler with me and asked me to write an executable code for the given problem.

No help will be provided, even if you got the approach, develop it. You must be able to execute it properly.

To crack this round, your coding hands-on must be top-notched. You have to provide proper working code.

All the best!

Editors’ Note: These Apple Apple Interview Questions for Big Data Developer and experience are shared by the candidate Mandar. We wish him good luck in the future.

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