Amdocs Interview Questions | Placement Paper | Coding Test

Amdocs Interview Questions | Placement Paper | Coding Test

Amdocs selection procedure is quite vigorous and challenging. This often leads to the rejection of people who are skilled enough in case they aren’t able to take up the pressure.

Before getting into the Amdocs interview questions, here is the Amdocs recruitment process. It consists of three rounds:

  • Written Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

1. Amdocs Placement Paper: Written Test

The test we were supposed to give was 2.30 hrs long. It consisted of various sections.

  • The first section was the Aptitude test (quants).
  • The second section was logical reasoning.

Both of these sections are very simple comprising of questions based on logic and very basic formulas but you need to be very quick.

To crack the aptitude test, you should know all the best practices to solve aptitude questions.

You have around one to one and a half minutes per question.

Since there is no negative marking, it is smart to attempt all questions. There is a minimum number of questions that must be attempted. If you do not attempt those numbers of questions, your section won’t be considered for marking.

The next section is English.

Grammar related questions will be quite easy if you have a command over the language. You don’t really need to study anything special for the same.

Vocabulary questions need a good vocabulary, more than average at least. However, if you have very few days left, there’s no point working on it.

This was followed by a programming section.

2. Amdocs Coding Test Questions

We were given options for languages to select from. We could choose C, C++ or Java. I chose C++.

We had two programming problems with a compiler for us. We had to do them in 45 minutes. The questions are based on basic concepts and logic.

It is great if you can do both the questions, but make sure you do at least one right with all the test cases being correct.

The programs I had were pattern based but completely new to me (not the common patterns that we know).

If you want to crack this round, make a practice solving coding questions.

The last section comprised of questions based on UNIX, SQL, and PL/SQL.

3. Amdocs Unix questions:

There will be questions on Unix Commands, vi editor commands, correct the error type questions for SQL and PL/SQL as well as what will be the output of this query kind of question.

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Again, there will be around 1-1.5 minutes per question. If you are thorough with UNIX commands, you will be answering those questions in less than 30 seconds since the questions were very direct.

4. Amdocs Technical Interview Questions

Well begun is half done.

Once you clear the written test, you will be forwarded to the technical round.

Here are some Quick bullets to be kept in mind while appearing for the Amdocs interview.

  • Know all the basic, logic-based programs in any language thoroughly.
  • Keep your mind active. Relax, don’t be nervous.
  • An interviewer will ask you to solve puzzles. It is mostly to check your presence of mind.
  • Know your projects well in-depth.
  • Know the applications of everything you talk about.
  • Study UNIX commands well along with their switches as well as their significance. Do not bother much about shell programming.
  • An interviewer will ask you to give real-life scenarios when a particular command will be required.
  • The same goes for SQL. You should know queries very well along with the practical scenarios. When and where to use a particular command.

This will cover most of the interview. There is a high probability that the interviewer might ask you if you have any questions for him/her. Ask questions that you really want to know about the company, corporate world as well as questions that show your interest in Amdocs.

5. HR Interview Questions

If you have reached this round, there is very little possibility that you get eliminated from here. So be confident, but not overconfident. Have a subtle smile on your face as you enter the room.

However, this Amdocs HR round is not a cakewalk like it happens in various other companies. The interviewer will ask further about anything that you say. It can be your hobbies, interests, achievements, anything. Hence, it is important to be completely honest here.

Be prepared with an introduction. Be prepared to answer questions related to hobbies.

They also asked me following Amdocs interview questions:

  • Why do you want to join Amdocs?
  • What’s your inspiration?
  • Which one company you choose out of the ones you are placed in?
  • An interviewer asked me to recite my poem when I had said about my hobby of writing poems.
  • What are the challenges did you face in hosting an international internship program. (Since I mentioned that I had hosted one.)

These are the questions they ask me. They may ask you different questions. Don’t simply rely on it. You can follow the basic HR interview questions.

This will be followed by formality questions like if I have any issues with timing, location, etc.

And it is done! The key to winning this part is to…

Smile, be confident, polite and honest.

All the best!

Editor’s Note: Thanks, Heena Rajpal for sharing your valuable insight getting into the Amdocs. We are sure this Amdocs Interview Questions and placement paper will help many job aspirants.

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