Akamai Interview Questions | Written Test | Candidate Experience

Akamai Interview Questions | Written Test | Candidate Experience

I am sharing my experience and Akamai Interview Questions I have faced. In Akamai placement procedure, there are 3 rounds. These rounds include Written Test and then followed by technical and HR interview.

Follow the information for each round given below.

Written Test

It includes a total of 30 questions from verbal & Non-Verbal reasoning. There are 20 aptitude Questions.

For me, it was a little bit tough. Again it depends on your preparation.

The Akamai written test had 50 questions. There was only one hour of time to solve all these questions.

Today cutoff was around solving 28 questions correctly. So I would suggest, don’t rush up. Instead, try to solve each question carefully and correct. Not necessary to solve all the question from the written test.

Akamai Technical Interview Questions

I remember, my technical interview went approximately 110 to 120 minutes. It may vary as per the panel your panel and your answers to their questions.

Some of the topic listed below, I would suggest to you.

  • Blackboard Presentation on code.
  • Prepare for some basic questions on computer network and communication.
  • Also, read questions related to memory management.
  • You will be asked for a writing program from open the file and close the file.
  • If you are mentioning Java programming in your resume, be good at java basics questions.
  • There are also 3 puzzles questions you may be asked to solve.
  • Algorithm and data structure is also important.

If you crack this technical Akamai Interview Questions, there will be HR round.

Managerial cum HR Interview Questions

It goes for almost 30 to 50 minutes. Almost all the question will be basic question. Only you have to be sharp if they ask you puzzles.

They will start with some family background and then they will be interested to know about your project. So prepare accordingly.

Some of the questions that I remember are as follows.

  1. Tell me about your self.
  2. Where are you from and tell me about your family background
  3. What is your final year project? Tell me about it in detail.
    As it is HR round. It is not necessary to tell them all the technical aspects unless they show some interest. Just tell them what you did in your project without getting deep in technical or programming.
  4. What do you know about this company(Akamai)?
    If you don’t know about it much, visit the Akamai website and get some idea.
  5. What is your weakness?
    While answering this question, be fair enough, to tell the truth. But again tell them how are trying to overcome that.
  6. What is your Strength?
  7. What do you if you have free time?
  8. They asked me two puzzle questions as well.
  9. Are you comfortable if company ask you for the rotational shift?
    If you are interested in this job. You just have to say “Yes”. No other option.
  10. Why did you choose MCA over Engineering?
    As I am from MCA background, they asked me this question. You can also face the same question for your opted education. So keep some points in your mind.
  11. What is your achievement in your life?
    Achievement at the college level or in academic or in any sports level will be fair enough.
  12. Then they ask if I have any question for them.

Also, read these Top 5 HR Interview Questions.

Keep at least one question in mind, especially question related to their company. It shows your interest in that company.

All the Best guys!

Editor’ Note: All these Akamai interview questions and placement experience is shared by Manish V. We wish him all the best. Thank you very much for sharing your experience and for helping other candidates.

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