Accenture Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers in Technical HR Interview

Accenture Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers in Technical HR Interview

Hi Guys, its pleasure for me to tell you as I got placed in Accenture as a fresher. I have attended the placement drive through the Amcat and I am sharing my Accenture placement experience here.

Hopeful it will help you if you are preparing for Accenture interview questions for both technical and HR round.

Accenture Placement Process for Freshers

Unlike other companies, there was only one round in the complete process. It combines technical interview round plus HR combined.

There were multiple panels of the interviewer. In this process, each panel was going to interview five candidates.
To reserve your spot, frankly saying you have to utilize your chances well over other candidates.

If you are from Computer Science or IT branch, it is well and good. If you are not, it doesn’t matter much.

Accenture Technical Questions and Answers for Freshers Interview

Whoever will be applying for the post, appearing for the interview you should read basics of c and c++ well. Clear your doubt if you have any.

My advice for the CS/IT guys, do prepare you to project and Database Management System well. They can ask you questions from these topics. Be ready to tackle all Accenture interview questions.

The good point is that there was no specific extempore round. In some of the interview panel, an interviewer gave us a topic and asked our point of view.

Here are some important points you should focus on.

  • Communicate well. If you have good communication skill, this will be plus point for you.
  • Go through each and every point you have mentioned in your resume. Use all the standard formatting in the CV and make it more professional.
  • Simple technocal questions fpr compuyet science topics.
  • In the interview, be confident. You can take time but answer well.
  • They can ask you some logical / non-technical questions. Prepare for it as well.

Accenture HR preparation tips

Go through the Accenture official website. It may help you to tackle many HR-related questions.

Here are a couple of questions I remember from my interview.

Many candidates are afraid of Group discussion. So don’t worry. There is no GD round. They asked the individual candidate to put their points.

As there is no as such extreme technical interview, communication skill and confidence is crucial. For me, Accenture interview lasted for about 20 minutes only.

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Final Note for all the Accenture Job Aspirants

You may think it as an easy test and have only one round for freshers. And it is. But the dark part is that you should understand the competition.

On average, I can say, out of five candidates, the interviewer selected only two candidates from each interview panel. So in the end, it’s not if the process is simple or hard.

It is all about how do you prepare and put yourself better than other candidates in the process.

CSEstack team is doing a great job by collecting all the interview experiences and helping students to get their job.

All The Best!

Editors’ Note: The anonymous candidate shared this Accenture interview questions, round and experience. We CSEstack team wish her all the best for her future.

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