[7 Reason] Why Django is so Popular | My First Choice

[7 Reason] Why Django is so Popular | My First Choice

Django is the widely used and great Python web framework for professionals. You can use Django to build a web application for your hobby project to the enterprise level application.

There are many Python web frameworks out there like Django, Flask, Bootle, etc… If I have to choose one, Django is my choice. In todays date, it is better than all other frameworks.

The choice is obvious for me, and may not be for you. I have 7+ years years of experience working on Django along with other popular frameworks like Flask and Bottle.

Being fresher, learning Django can open lot of job opportunities for you.

If you are experienced candidate, learning Django adds high weightage to your resume. Django skill is high in demand.

In this article, I will be explaining you what Django offers and how it is most loved Python framework for website and web application developments.

Why Django is so Popular?

Let’s understand the facts about Django framework.

  1. Makes Web Development Easy

Django is designed in such a way that you can shape your web applications from idea to completion as quickly as possible. It can even build the enterprise level application.

  1. Standard and Precise

Unlike other frameworks, it does not compromised over the standard programming practices. Even though you are allowed to write in your own way, but Django provides tons of standard guidelines on how to write a perfect web application.

  1. Django is Full Stack

Many still thinks, Django is used for backend development. That is not the true.

Django is a full stack web framework.

One can build backend as well as frontend very easily. For front end development Django has super cool feature called DTL (Django Templating Language).

  1. No More SQL Queries

Django comes with built-in ORM (Object relational-mapping). You don’t need to write SQL queries. Basically, it abstract the SQL level operations.

Write database query in your beloved Python language and Django will perform the SQL operation for you.

You can use both SQL as well as NoSQL database with the Django.

  1. Enhanced Admin Panel

The one thing that I really love about the Django is that it has amazing Django admin panel. This single feature make the Django wiser than other framework.

When it comes to the features, you can access the database information and perform CRUD operations. With the Django admin, you can manage user permissions and authentication.

But for some advance usage, you need to polish the admin UI. Worry not. Customising Admin panel in Django is not so difficult. 😁

  1. Make Your Application More Secure

Django covers almost all the aspect of security. It includes password validation, encryption, XSS attack, SQL injection, CSRF, click jacking, authorization and what not.

In Django, you can also create user authentication using social media.

  1. Scale It as You Want

Scaling is a piece of cake in Django. Django works on “shared-nothing” architecture.

What does that mean?

It can easily take advantage of new hardware, you can scale it horizontally or vertically as per your needs.

So what are you waiting for?

If you still need a validation over what I mentioned above, let me tell you. Many of the top websites in the world are build using the Django framework. One of the example is Instagram.

I’m sure there is nothing holding you back. Start learning Django and thanks me later. 😁

If you have any doubt or point, let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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