CSE Subject


How to Prepare DBMS for GATE and Technical Interview | Important Topics

Important topic and notes to prepare DBMS for GATE and technical interview.


Difference between Deadlock Prevention and Deadlock Avoidance | OS

What is deadlock prevention and deadlock avoidance in operating system? What is the difference between deadlock prevention and deadlock avoidance?


Tower of Hanoi Puzzle | Example, Number of Moves

Tower of Hanoi puzzle in data structure explained with algorithm and Python program. Minimum number of disk moves.

Computer Network

FREE Online IP Subnet Calculator with Custom Mask

[FREE] Online IP Subnet Calculator with a custom mask. Calculate broadcast IP, wildcard IP, number of host in the subnet network and type of IP address.

Binary Tree

Binary Tree Tutorials | Interview Questions and Answers

What is a binary tree? How to prepare binary tree interview questions for product-based companies like Amazon?

Binary Tree

[Solved] Find Lowest Common Ancestor in the Binary Tree

How to find and print the lowest common ancestor in the binary tree? Algorithm, complexity, example and program explained in Python, C/C++ and Java code.


Level Order Traversal in Binary Tree | Explained with Code and Example

Program for level order traversal in binary tree solved in Python, C/C++ and Java. Explained with example and complexity.


Program to Find the Height of the Binary Tree using Recursion

How to write a program to find the height of the binary tree using recursion? Solved in Python, C/C++ and Java code.


Dynamic Programming and Recursion | Difference, Advantages with Example

[Explained with Example] What is dynamic programming recursion? Difference between DP and recursion. Advantages and disadvantages.