coding challenge

[Solved] Sort the String According to the Frequency of Character in Java

Write Java program to sort the string according to the frequency of character? Solved in C/C++, Java and Python.

coding challenge

[Solved] Merge Overlapping Intervals in Python, C/C++ and Java

Write a program to Merge Overlapping Intervals in Python, C/C++ and Java. Algorithm and solution explained with coding example.

coding challenge

[Solved] Find Lexicographically Smallest and Largest Substring

How to find the lexicographically smallest and largest substring? Write a program to sort the sub-strings in lexicographical order in Java and Python.

coding challenge

Maximum Sum of Hourglass in Matrix | Solved in Java, Python

[Python/Java Program] Write a program to find the maximum sum of hourglass in matrix. How to find the sum of hourglass in matrix?


5 Java Web Framework and Design Technology would Rule

What are the different Java web framework and design technologies for backend and website development? Modern framework types.


[Code] Java JDBC Connection MySQL Example | JDBC API Properties

What is JDBC API? JDBC connection in Java with MySQL explained with code. How to connect MySQL from Java? JDBC connection properties.

Java Oops Concepts

7 Difference between Public, Private and Protected in Java | Code Examples

What is the basic difference between public, private and protected in Java access modifiers? Explained with coding examples.


7 Basic Difference between throw and throws in Java | Example

What is the major and basic difference between throw and throws in Java exception handling? Simple program example explained.


8 Difference between HashMap and HashSet in Java | Examples

What is difference between Hashmap and Hashset in Java. Example, definition, performance and usage (when to use Hashmap and Hashset?).