Open PyCharm through Terminal as Root | Solve “Clear Read-Only Status”

Open PyCharm through Terminal as Root | Solve “Clear Read-Only Status”

Are you getting an error saying

Clear Read-Only Status

… while writing/updating a file in your PyCharm?

This is more likely because your PyCharm doesn’t have the privilege or the file permission to modify or to write into that file.

I use PyCharm as my IDE for working on Django projects. I used to come across this issue every time I open my PyCharm IDE.

Tried digging to solve this problem. There are many solutions available on the internet but none of them really solved my issue. 🙁

Here is the simple solution that I figured out and thought of sharing with you.

The basic solution is to open the PyCharm as a root so that all the operations you performed through the PyCharm will have the highest privilege.

Open PyCharm through Terminal as Root

No doubt, PyCharm is the best IDE if you are learning Python or working on any Python Project.

Here are the steps you should follow to open PyCharm through the command line terminal in your Ubuntu system. (These steps also work with any Linux system.)

1. Change the current directory to the project directory

cd <project/directory>

2. Run the below command in your terminal.

sudo pycharm-community .

Note: ‘Here, ‘.’ represents the current directory.

It will open up your PyCharm tool and you are all set to make the magic with your code 😀

Hope this solves your issue “Clear Read-Only Status” in PyCharm. If you have any further doubt., let me know in the comment section below.

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