How to Change VNC password in Linux Using vncpasswd Command?

How to Change VNC password in Linux Using vncpasswd Command?

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is a graphical user interface tool for sharing desktop system screen or to access the system remotely.

As a security feature,  it uses password protection for sharing the screen. It will not allow an anonymous person to connect a VNC server without authentication.

Change VNC password in Linux using vncpasswd Command:

You can change the password anytime using a simple command


If you are creating VNC server first time, a text box will prompt where you have to enter a password for VNC server. It is carried out by running the vncpasswd command internally.

Tips for Valid password format:

  • The password should have at least six characters.
  • Please keep password strong, so that any intruders cannot get easy access.

Where can I find VNC password file in Linux?

Whenever you enter the password for VNC, It saves in a simple text file. It may not be encrypted. So if anyone is accessing your VNC server, he/she can quickly read that password file.

You can find the VNC password file in the home directory of your system.

Default path where VNC password saves:


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Sometimes you will not remember the VNC server password. In this case, you can use vncpasswd Command to change VNC password in Linux.

Precaution while sharing system by creating VNC server:

Don’t share VNC password in public or any file. Connecting the VNC server gives full control. It may harm to system f any anonymous person gets control of your system. He can run any command or even can change the files in your system. So be careful and only share your VNC server with the authorized person to whom you know personally.

Hope you are able to change VNC password in Linux with this simple vncpasswd command. For any trouble, feel free to comment below.


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