10 Most In-demand Programming Languages | Salary and Jobs

10 Most In-demand Programming Languages | Salary and Jobs

In this article, we are going to learn about the most in-demand programming languages you should learn for a better future.

The Software Development industry is a growing industry with lots of opportunities for programmers.

Programming has become an integral part of every engineer. Programming is used to build different types of applications like mobile apps, web apps, hybrid apps, desktop apps, IoT applications, smart device apps, and much more.

There are lots of programming languages and each of them has its own specific use case and advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s get to know about the top 10 programming languages to learn in 2023 as a hot career option in the present as well as the future. We will also see the different companies hiring with offered salaries for respective programming languages.

Most in-demand Programming Languages

It has been seen that the average salary of a programmer is 2-3 times of any other sector. The below-listed programming languages are not ranked because each is important in its unique way.

10. PHP

PHP is a general-purpose programming language used in web development.

It is also one of the cornerstones of web development as WordPress is built using PHP. More than 50% of the websites on the internet are built using PHP.

This language is used for dynamic and data-heavy applications. 79% of the server-side applications use PHP.

Although there are many new and advanced technologies emerging for backend development they are comparatively difficult to learn but PHP can be learned easily.

Most of the OLD applications are built using PHP so still, there is a need for PHP developers to maintain and develop new features in these products.

What are the Companies using PHP?

Some of the major Companies using PHP are Yahoo, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

PHP is simple, fast, and platform-independent with 631k GitHub repositories. PHP being the oldest has the strongest community of about 5.9 million developers to help and support.

What are the frameworks developed in PHP?

Some of the famous frameworks of this programming language are Symphony, CakePHP, Laravel, and Phalcon.

What is the Salary of a PHP Developer?

Companies like TCS (TCS interview questions), HCL, Motorola, and Wipro (Wipro interview questions) are hiring PHP developers with an average salary of 8.5 lacks in India and 102,000 US dollars in other countries per annum.

9. R Programming language

This programming language was designed by Statisticians and mathematical computation experts that’s why R is also known as the Lingua Franca of statistics.

What is the Use of R Programming Language?

Every day, a large amount of data is generated. As a result, even the operations that need to be performed in this data become more and more complex.

R is mainly used for data analysis and is also used for complex data visualizations.

R is open-source and cross-platform with more than 6 million repositories on GitHub.

Apart from R’s Computational capabilities, it can also be used to create interactive web apps with R Shiny library.

This programming language has 10,000+ packages for specific business requirements.

Companies and using R programming and Salary:

Companies like Facebook, Mu Sigma, Google, and Twitter are hiring R programmers with an average salary of  7 lacks per annum in India and 120,000 US dollars in other countries.

Also, read R vs Python | Best Programming Language to learn.

8. Dart

Dart is a programming language developed by Google for building server-side and browser-side applications.

What is the Usage of Dart?

Flutter is a framework of the dart. With its help of it, you can write a single piece of code that can be used as an iOS and Android app as well as a Web app (Flutter Web).

This programming language allows code sharing across multiple platforms.

It is simple to use. And this interactive programming language is easy to learn compared to programming languages like Java and C#.

What are the Companies using Dart?

Although this is a new programming language, it has seen huge growth in the market with companies like Google, Groupon, eBay, and Dream 11 using Flutter extensively.

What is the Dart Developer Salary?

Companies like HP, Motorola, Apple, Google, and Airbnb hire flutter developers/Dart Programmers with an average salary of 13.6 Lakh in India or 154,000 Us dollars per annum.

7. GO lang

GO is a programming language developed by Google for building modern and complex applications.

Due to the evolution of technology and dynamic business requirements application development focuses on correctness, coding standards, and perfection. And all this is satisfied by this programming language.

Go lang is fast, statically typed, and a compiled language. It is dynamically typed and interpreted.

It has a budding community with 267,000 GitHub repositories.

What is the Usage of GO lang?

Go lang is seen as an alternative to C++ and Java as its a robust programming language.

It is mainly used in Networking servers, Distributed systems, and to build highly scalable applications.

Some of the popular frameworks are BeeGO, Gine, Echo, Kit, Fast HTTP, and Revel.

What are the Companies Hiring for Go Lang developer and Their Salaries?

Companies like Siemens, Walmart, Google, and Dell are hiring GO lang developers with an average salary of 16 lacks in India and 170,000 US dollars per annum.

6. C#

C# is a modern programming language with lots of features for developing Secure, scalable, and robust applications.

It makes a faster compilation of the program with its powerful compiler.

What is the Usage of C# Programming Language?

It is mostly used with frameworks like Microsoft .net and Xamarin to create Web applications and web forms.

It is a fairly popular language with 670,000 GitHub repositories with a supportive community.

C# is an object-oriented programming language and it helps the developer to develop complex and robust applications by providing the ability to reuse the existing code.

It is extensively used in the game development industry to develop Xbox and Unity applications. The Unreal engine also uses this language for game development. Some popular games like Super Mario Run, Pokemon Go, and temple run are built using C#.

What are the companies hiring for using C# and Salary?

Major players in the game development and software companies like Microsoft Blizzard Entertainment, Tech Wizards, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, EY, and  Naggaro are hiring skilled C3 developers with an average salary of 10 lacks in India and 90,000 US dollars in other countries per annum.

Interview Questions asked for C# developers in these companies:

5. SQL

The structured query language is the language of databases. It is mainly used in database management systems to interact with databases.

Even though NoSQL has been used by many companies SQL holds the major share in the market.

Every Data Analyst or Data Scientist should know SQL as it helps to analyze the data and get only the required data from the data based on various Filter conditions.

Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, and Netflix have built their own high-performance database systems using SQL for their products.

MySql and Postgres are the most commonly used open-source database management systems. It is one of the most popular programming languages with 260,000 Github repositories and a huge community to help and support.

SQL is still a popular language in the Data Science field compared to other new languages used.

What are the Job Opportunities for SQL developers and their Salaries?

Major companies in the market like Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, Google, and Netflix are looking for experienced database administrators and SQL developers with an average salary of 10 lacks in India and 99,000 US dollars in other countries per annum.

4. C/C++

This is the first programming language that is thought in most colleges. And learning C as the first programming language helps us to understand the fundamental blocks of Logic and programming. They are also known as stepping stones for budding programmers.

This is mature and one of the most in-demand programming languages.

Although there are many other quality alternatives in this modern world, C and C++ are more popular and functional.

What is the Usage of C/C++?

C/C++ rule 20% of the programming world. They have a huge community with 690,000 repositories on GitHub. These two languages are extensively used in building operating systems.

C++ is extensively used in game development. Some of its game engines are Godot, ogre, and Panda3d.

What are the Companies Hiring for C/C++ and Salary?

Some of the popular products using the C language are Spotify, eBay, and Dropbox. C++ is used by Oracle and Adobe products.

Companies like Dassault Systems, Adobe (Adobe interview Questions), Wipro, PayU, Amdocs (Amdocs interview questions), and IBM (IBM interview questions) are hiring C/C++ developers with an average package of 9 lacks in India and 115,000 US dollars in other countries per annum.

3. Java

In today’s growing market Java is one of the modern, open-source, and versatile programming languages due to its ability to develop custom applications that are light, fast, and functional.

It is one of the top programming languages in demand today.

For what purpose we can use Java?

Some of the popular features of this programming language are Object-oriented, Memory Management, Backward compatibility, Automatic garbage collector, cross-platform compatibility, and top-notch security.

Some of the popular frameworks of Java are Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Blade, and Dropwizard.

It is also extensively used with Android Studio to develop mobile apps and has 1.6 million GitHub repositories.

If you are interested in Android app development, check the tutorial for building your first Android app. Explained step-by-step.

What are the Companies using Java?

Companies like Capital One, HCL, Barclays (Barclays interview questions), and Goldman Sachs are hiring Java developers with an average salary of 11 lacks in India and 125,000 US dollars in other countries per annum.

2. JavaScript

This is a language that rules the web development industry. If you are an aspiring web developer javascript is the ideal language you should learn.

If you are a student and have not chosen your career, learning javascript to a proficient level will help you build Web apps, Hybrid apps, and even Android apps ( Ex Ionic) from scratch.

What are the domains where we can use JavaScript?

Javascript is not only used in development but also used in testing, Machine learning, and security purposes too.

Some of the popular frameworks of javascript include React, Angular, Vue, Meteor, Node, and Next js.

Tensorflow JS is a popular javascript machine learning library that helps you to learn machine learning models in browsers and image processing.

There are 822k GitHub repositories featuring javascript.

What are the Companies and Salary of JavaScript Developers?

All the software development companies are having a huge number of openings for javascript developers. Some of them are Accenture (Accenture interview questions), SAP Labs, Capgemini, and Oracle (Oracle interview questions). The average salary of a JS engineer is 16 lakh in India and 170,000 US dollars in other countries per annum.

1. Python

Python is always at the top position in the list of popular and trending programming languages.

It is a high-level general-purpose programming language that is a beginner-friendly programming language.

Most aspiring programmers love to learn Python due to its ability to perform operations with ease.

It has more than 250,000 packages and some of the popular ones are Numpy, Scikit Learn, Tkinter, Pandas, Requests, Random, and many more.

If you know these 39 Most Popular Python libraries, you are well prepared for 95% of Jobs in Python.

Python had 2.50 billion monthly active users according to research conducted in 2019. The number of active users will be drastically increased in the upcoming years.

What we can develop using Python?

Python is used in web development, machine learning, data science, automation, testing, robotics, and a variety of various domains.

You can watch this video from Aniruddha Chaudhari where he has described different domains where Python is very useful.


Django and Flask are the most popular open-source Python frameworks used in web development and are loved and extensively used by startups.

Popular applications like the Google app engine, Reddit, Quora, and Instagram are built using Python.

It has a very huge and robust supporting community with 1.6 million GitHub repositories with lots of courses and tutorials available on the internet.

What are the companies hiring for Python and their salaries?

If you are looking for a job as a Python developer, I recommend you a Python interview questions book. It includes interview questions asked in top product-based companies explained with detailed answers and code snippets.

Companies like Google, HP, Cisco, Dropbox, IBM (IBM interview questions), and Qualcomm (Qualcomm interview questions) are actively hiring Python developers with an average salary of 12 lacks in India and 130,000 US dollars in other countries per annum.

This is my take on most in-demand programming languages you should consider for learning. What’s your opinion?

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