5 Best Ethical Hacking Tools and Software

5 Best Ethical Hacking Tools and Software

We live in the 21st century, where everything is possible with the internet. Though it has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages. Cybersecurity and hacking have become one of the very trending technologies in the latest era.

It’s our responsibility to be safe and protect our data. In this article, we are going to discuss a few hacking devices you must be aware of.

In an earlier tutorials, we have seen the tops skills required to become Ethical Hacker. I’m going to share the list of ethical hacking tools you must be aware of.

ethical hacking tools

Best Ethical Hacking Tools and Software

This article does not encourage you to use such tools for wrongdoing but to know the different tools used from which we can safeguard ourselves.

Let’s get into the Ethical Hacking Tools and Software.

1. Mouse Jack

The name of the device may be a little funny but this device is very powerful. It can spoof the wireless keyboard and mouse. Every wireless keyboard and mouse comes with a USB dongle. The USB dongle receives the data from the keyboard and mouse using radiofrequency and sends it to the computer.

Usage: This device captures the exact frequency and the hacker can control your mouse and keyboard easily. Within a second the hacker inserts any malware into your computer.

When you find some suspicious activity on your computer screen, remove the USB dongle which can save you from attack.

Even if you are beginner, knowing about this tool is very necessary.

2. Mag Spoof

This device can spoof any credit/debit card. Every credit/debit card is made up of magnetic strips which contain the details of an account number, verification code, and some other personal data. Without the magnetic strip, it’s just a plastic card.

Usage: This tool can be used instead of credit/debit cards. Which can be used in swiping machines and ATMs. 

3. Key Logger

Key logger is available in both software and hardware. In this article, let’s talk about hardware-based keyloggers. But both do the same work. Keylogger is a device similar to a USB drive but it will be placed in between the keyboard USB pin and CPU.

Usage: Even the antivirus software can’t detect that device. When you’re accessing your social media account or bank account make sure any external is connected to the keyboard pin.

4. Wi-Fi Pineapple

The wifi pineapple is similar to a router that uses the method MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK. Let us consider your using free wifi, accessing your social media account, and sending a message.

Usage: Before reaching the server, the hackers can access your message and monitor your activities. Whatever data goes through the router can be accessed until you’re connected to that network.

5. Proxmark3 Kit

Proxmark3 kit is a hacking device that can capture, read radio packets and also clone RFID cards. Whenever this device is placed near any RFID card it captures the information from the card and stores that information in it.

Usage: Hackers use this device to make duplicate RFID cards and access anything that is accessible by original RFID.

If you learn these tools, you don’t need a college degree to become a cybersecurity expert. I hope this article has improved your knowledge of hacking tools and how to be aware of those. Use these tools for the ethical purpose only. 

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