Top 10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Real World

Top 10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Real World

Top 10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Real World

Artificial Intelligence refers to the Intelligence of Machines that relates to Human Intelligence. In simple words, it’s the ability of a computer program to think, learn and perform actions with minimal or no human intervention.

This is one of the top 10 technologies to learn in 2023 and has an evergreen need for AI engineers in various Industries.

In this blog, we are gonna know about the various applications of Artificial Intelligence in different domains.

AI in robotics

According to Tractica, a Market research agency based out of the USA has found out that,

The global AI market is expected to see a huge increase in revenue by 2025 which’s about 118.5 billion dollars.

According to the Research firms, it has been also seen that,

The usage of Gartner AI has increased by 270% in the last four years and also 85% of companies have started using AI in sales, marketing, and also to make business decisions.

75 countries have started using Artificial intelligence for security purposes such as Survivelance and automatic Firewalls.

In an earlier paper, we already discussed the pros and cons of AI. Here our focus is on the top applications or usage of AI in the real world.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

1. AI in E-commerce

1.1. Personalized Shopping

The main application of AI here is Personalized Shopping.

With the help of recommendation engines you can engage with your customers better by showing the products they want as a result, there is an increase in sales. Data like customer usage history, preferences, interests, and previous buying habits are been used.

Businesses are building very good relationships with customers increasing brand awareness and loyalty with personalized offers by analyzing customer data using AI.

1.2. Visual-based Searching

This technology has also enabled users to search not only based on text but also using images. As a result, it increases the customer experience.

Myntra’s leading fashion e-commerce has implemented this feature and is seeing a very great conversion ratio.

1.3. AI-Powered Assistants

In today’s world with the growth of natural language processing chatbots have become more powerful and can easily engage with your customers in real time. It has the ability to handle multiple situations and solve customer problems.

It drastically reduces the load on the customer support team as well as saves time by solving customers’ problems quickly.

1.4. Smart Purchasing

AI helps in focusing demand and can also predict which product a customer will likely buy in a particular period of time.

This is also used in target advertising and also to make the checkout process easier.

1.5. Fraud Prevention

Credit card fraud detection has been the biggest problem in eCommerce purchases. But, this has been solved somewhat in new AI and ML algorithms. It analyzes credit card patterns and detects fraudulent transactions.

Due to the development of Deep learning algorithms, it’s also possible to detect fake reviews and build more trust among your customers for your product.

Popular Companies using AI in E-Commerce are Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Myntra and

2. AI in Navigation

According to the research done by MIT, AI technologies will accurately predict the time, traffic, and also obstacles with the power of GPS enabling safety among people. This reduces the number of accidents drastically around the world.

The technology used here is a combination of CNN( Conventional Neural Networks ) and GNN (Graph Neural Networks). Read more about the neural network from scratch using Python. It helps in making the life of Vehicle transport easier with accurate predictions.

3. AI in Robotics

3.1. Mobility

Robots that are powered by AI will use real-time updates. They will be able to move over a particular path of travel which it senses automatically by detecting obstacles and preplans the shortest route to reach their destinations.

This type of robot is extensively used in carrying goods in different industries like logistics, manufacturing, and much more. They are also used for cleaning purposes in large hospitals and offices.

3.2. Process Optimization

Data obtained from different sensors the robot has can be used in process optimizations and this will also help robots to take necessary actions with actuators.

It will also help us to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and detect problems in machines and solve them beforehand. As a result, there will be a huge decrease in maintenance costs.

4. Artificial Intelligence in HR

4.1. Blind Hiring

Many Software companies use software to shortlist candidates as they get a lot of applications for a single position.

The smart application scans the resume and profile of the candidates and helps the recruiters to identify the correct talent who will be the best fit for the job.

This saves a lot of time and also the effort of recruiters to hire top talents. That does not mean, AI takes away your jobs.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

5.1. Patient Care

Doctors’ prescriptions are very important as they suggest the right medicines for our diseases. In case of any mistake made in this prescription can lead to dangerous side effects and even death. So AI is used in prescription analysis which helps to identify whether the right medicine is described for the disease.

Due to the development of Nanotechnology and algorithms nowadays it’s easy to identify diseases and provide the solution for them with Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the Popular companies using AI in Healthcare are Jvion, Wellframe, Enlithic, GE Healthcare, and AthenaHealth.

5.2. Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

With the help of Diagnostic devices can help Hospitals with early diagnosis of the disease with advanced analysis of unstructured data like images, X Rays, and also videos to identify the type of disease or the problem occurring in which part of the body.

5.3. Research and Development

Every company allocates a large amount of budget for Research and development.

AI technology helps in drug discovery by testing human genes. Neural network algorithms are used to predict all the possible outcomes and help scientists to take major decisions.

In the current scenario, there are many companies that are doing research for identifying and developing Vaccines for COVID-19.

AI can be very beneficial to humans if we use it for good cause.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

6.1. Monitoring crop and soil Health

This technology can be used to identify the defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil by analyzing the images of Soil and identifying suitable patterns. With the help of IoT sensors, it’s also possible to measure the level of nutrients in the soil and the appropriate actions.

6.2. Decreasing the Use of Pesticides

Image recognition and Computer Vision will help farmers to identify all the weeds in the farm and remove them accordingly. There will be less use of chemical pesticides to kill weeds.

6.3. Automation in Farming

Agricultural bots like Drones are used to provide uniform water and pesticides to all the crops and thus reducing the work of farmers. This work performed by drones are of high efficiency and promises uniform distribution.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Gaming

E-sport Industry is one of the richest industries and these companies create games and host online gaming events. There is a lot of Human effort in the gaming industry for generating maps, new characters, and also some automated bots to play with real users.

With machine learning, it becomes very easy to generate new areas in games by training the ML model.

AI is also used to build Human-like NPCs that would Interact with the players and provide 24/& support. It can also predict gamers’ behavior to improve the Design of the game and also provide personalized offers in the game store.

Popular games that use AI are PUBG, and Free Fire, and also many Arcade and Simulation games use it.

8. Artificial Intelligence in Automobiles

8.1. Self-Driving Car

The Automobiles enabled with smart algorithms take different types of information like images, radar, GPS, and control signals from different sources like sensors, and cameras. Uses cloud technology to process it and operate the car automatically.

There is an enormous amount of data involved here. So, Big data algorithms are used to process these data into actionable information which helps the machines to make decisions. This is one of the reasons behind the trend of BigData.

8.2. Driver Assistant

Most Luxury cars have driving assistants that improve the overall experience of the driver by analyzing spatial data.

This also helps in automatic parking, detecting obstacles, and anti-theft measures which ensure a safe and smart journey for consumers.

AI can also be used to provide additional systems like emergency braking, Blind spot monitoring, and driver-assist steering.

Basically, you can also use AI to develop a location-based app.

9. Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

9.1. Facebook

Facebook uses AI in the form of computer vision. It enables auto-tagging features that identify all your friends in the image and also tag them.

Deep text is another application that detects Suicidal thoughts or unwanted words in a post. It is also used to translate posts from different languages.

9.2. Instagram

Instagram analyzes what type of content you post and like and what type of following based on this it decides the content shown in your feed.

AI can also recognize and remove spam messages from user accounts using Facebook’s Deeptext tool. And it also detects cyberbullying and automatically reports the account automatically.

9.3. Twitter

AI is used in Twitter to detect Fraud in tweets and remove propaganda and hateful content with natural language processing.

It also provides personalized recommendations by showing similar types of tweets you enjoy and engage with.

9.4. Snapchat

Snapchat uses advanced Computer vision algorithms along with extended reality technologies (Augmented reality and Virtual reality ) to craft beautiful and innovative filters for their users.

10. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in marketing

10.1. Smart Advertisements

Marketers use AI to analyze the customers buying patterns and behavior to deliver highly targeted and personalized ads. It also helps in retargeting the audience at the right time so that they will be converted into customers of the product.

10.2. Personalized Content Delivery

AI can help to create and identify the content that matches the Brand voice and will deliver it to people based on market research and segments.

Chatbots understand the problems of customers and deliver particular needs accordingly.

10.3. UI and UX

Artificial Intelligence can be used for UI/UX design. It provides real-time personalized user interfaces based on user behavior. Smart systems process information about site visitors and automatically collect feedback to enhance the experience of the user.

10.4. Location-based Marketing

GPS technology is used along with data Analysis algorithms to optimize marketing campaigns. This will satisfy the needs of users based on the location they live in.

Looking at all these applications of Artificial Intelligence, no surprise that we have listed AI as one of the top 10 skills to boost our career. What do you think? Let me know your thought in the comment.


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