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How to use Git and GitHub in Ubuntu [Installation, Configuration]

How to use Git in Ubuntu? Simple steps and commands to install and configure Git on Linux.


Chmod Calculator for Linux File Permission

Online tool to convert the file permission for owner, group and public to the numeric value and symbolic notation. It can be used with chmod Linux command.


5 Free Linux screenshot tools | How to take a screenshot in Linux?

Free and Best Linux screenshot tool. How to take a screenshot in Linux (Ubuntu)? Linux screenshot commands. (built-in tool, Shutter, ImageMagick, Gimp and Flameshot)


How to Check Free Memory in Ubuntu?

How to free memory in Ubuntu Linux? Command to check Total, Used, Free, Cache and Available memory.


[Shortcut] How to Search Text in Terminal Output on Ubuntu (Linux)?

[Simple Keyword Shortcut] How to search text in terminal output on Ubuntu (Linux)? Search by word, regular expression.


How to Auto Remove All Unused Packages in Ubuntu (Linux)?

Simple command to remove all unused packages in Ubuntu. How to uninstall, delete and autoremove packages in Linux?


Step-by-Step Commands to Write Your First Vim Function Example | Rules | Uses

[Explained] How to write Vim function and Vim function example. What are the rules, uses and different commands to execute and call Vim function in Linux?


Vim Case-Insensitive Search in Linux [Step-By-Step Commands]

How to run Vim case-insensitive search commands in Linux? A simple guide for beginners using set command. How to undo case-sensitive search in Ubuntu?


Set Up Vi/Vim editor by Highlighting Syntax for Programming in Linux

How to set up highlight syntax in VI editor for programming in Linux? Why should a programmer use Vim editor for coding?